NHL 15 Includes Discount for NHL GameCenter Live Subscription

Posted July 7th, 2014 at 1:15 pm


Though it has yet to be announced by EA Sports, the cover of NHL 15 has revealed that the game will include a code for $25 off a subscription to NHL GameCenter Live.

Similar to services offered by other sports most prominently MLB.TV, NHL GameCenter Live is subscription-based and offers live streamed out-of-market games and other features made available on a variety of devices. That includes apps for the PS4, PS3, 360, Vita, iOS, Android, and Roku. Xbox One is expected to receive the app as well this fall. GameCenter is fairly well regarded with the exception of home market blackouts causing frustration.

GameCenter isn’t available to purchase yet for the 2014-15 season so the official price has not been announced. Last year the full season subscription cost $150. Because of that the $25 may only end up impacting those who planned to pay for the service already rather than be enough to sway consumers who wouldn’t have signed up otherwise to do so.

This isn’t like the Madden NFL 25 special edition which offered access to Sunday Ticket for $40 more, and to many who couldn’t subscribe to it no matter how much they might have wanted to since they didn’t have DirecTV, for a savings of about $200. Still it’s certainly a nice bonus being offered for no additional cost to those interested or expecting to subscribe to the service and picking up NHL 15 as well.

The credit towards GameCenter is of course in addition to the main pre-order incentive of $15 in Ultimate Team content retailer wide ($24 exclusively at GameStop) and the $40 in UT content that goes with the Ultimate Edition and its $70 price.

  • jke

    Where Im at several teams are blacked out which is bs so make sure you know if your team will actually be watchable through this before buying. But its a good service if you do get your teams games.

  • Nick

    As a Wings fan in Boston, NHL GCL was a must-have last season. Yes, the blackouts are frustrating…even more so if you don’t subscribe to cable/satellite so you have no way of watching those games at all…but overall it was a great investment. This is a pretty good offer.

  • From what I’ve read it’s pretty good quality and reliable (unlike the NBA’s service which is what everyone should avoid). Just have to watch out for what teams are blacked out as your “home market”.

    • Kevin Gesterling

      I had it the last two seasons and the quality is great. The best luck I had was streaming the games on PS4, there was little to no lag when I watched on GCL, but I used it sparingly so I am not a great judge for this, but I can vouch that in my experience it was just shy of watching on TV mainly because some games had intermission reports blacked out and pre and post games are not included. Overall, if you are a hockey fan you won’t go wrong getting this, especially since you get about 8 games for every dollar spent, which is a much better value than a UFC or WWE product where it is $50+ per event.

  • Peter

    I’m a fan of an East Coast team, but I live in Oregon, and GameCenter is the only way I’ve found to be able to consistently watch games. I get home from work usually around the start of the 3rd period for 7 p.m. puck drops, but with the app, I can enter with “scores off,” start the game from the beginning, and not miss anything. Totally worth it if you live outside your team’s home market.

  • oddyoh

    I’d like to know this too…also, is this US only, or happening in Canada as well?
    …UPDATE: bah, just checked Amazon, USA version has the little coupon logo on their box art, Amazon.ca, the coupon logo is not there. Same at BestBuy.ca/.com. Oh well.