Top Rated Rookies in Madden NFL 15

Posted July 21st, 2014 at 4:30 pm


The player rating reveals for Madden NFL 15 begin today with EA Sports releasing the top rated rookies. All those who are 78 overall and higher are noted which amounts to 13 of them. To no surprise Jadeveon Clowney tops the list but only at an 83 overall. Greg Robinson, drafted right behind him, also gets an 83. Lineman in particular are often given an edge as rookies as the transition is considered to be somewhat easier than those in skill positions. Quarterbacks even when selected high generally begin the lowest since they’re not even guaranteed to see the field.

The top rated rookies in the past have generally landed in the low 80’s with few exceptions exceeding that. Had Clowney been coming off a stronger year, if he had entered after his sophomore season for instance, he probably would have been more around an 86.

On their heels are Khalil Mack and Jake Matthews at 81 overall. Making the lead group despite lower draft status are Zack Martin, Calvin Pryor, Ha Ha Clinton Dix, and Darqueze Dennard. Falling out are Justin Gilbert, Anthony Barr, Eric Ebron, and Odell Beckham Jr. Check out the full breakdown of the ratings for the 13 rookies ranging 78 to 83 in the document here.

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  • Nino

    When is the next rating release?

    • They’re milking it as much as they can. Releasing a few ratings each day for the next few weeks.

      • Burger

        Hey do they have teamplay in this years game for Xbox One?

  • GSeagles

    Highly unrealistic picture. Raymond James Stadium looks sold out, we know that isn’t likely to happen

  • Justumuch

    Donny Moore is a joke… Wait so is Madden. Match made in heaven.

  • Khaleel Ward

    I read that if you put Clowney at DE his rating jumps to 92.

    • Keith.

      This is Madden we’re talking about. If the past is any guide, you can put a punter at DE and he’ll perform like a 92.

      • jr

        Still never read your opinion on the 2k14 debacle.

        • Keith.

          2K14 debacle? No clue what that’s referring to.

        • Khadeem

          Remember hes the least objective poster dont expect anything more from him

          • Keith.

            Up-voting your own comment, Khadeem? LoL

          • Khadeem

            I guess I did im using my tablet so that happens from time to time…thanx for pointing that out buddy..I really appreciate your attention to detail

      • Casor_Greener

        True Dat

  • Chris

    For other madden fans out there, do you all consider the rookie ratings to be a little too high? I personally think they are, although I feel the ratings are too high in general.

    • Khaleel Ward

      Yea they are way to high. Rookies should never be rated in the 80s. I’m not a fan of having player ratings anymore.

  • WakeUp_YoureDreaming

    There is no way Khalil Mack should be an 81 while Jadeveon Clowney is an 83. If nothing else, they should have the same rating. It’s highly debatable who the better player is amongst the two. Clowney may be the better athlete, but Mack is a better all around football player.

    No worries though, initial rookie ratings are somewhat of a rough draft. Once the players get a few games under their belts, the ratings will be much more accurately represented.

    • Khadeem

      I may not agree with all the ratings. But Madden has always been better than 2k in the player rating arena. Lets be honest.

  • TMack1986

    Sighs…I wish we had more options for a NFL game. I miss the old days when competition existed. We had so many options for NFL, NBA, and even MLB games. Now it seems like companies want to monopolize everything. Which is a major reason why the video gaming industry as a whole is starting to decline IMO. Competition makes everything better.

    • Nobody

      Stop being a cornball….either you play the game or you don’t….too many people have opinions….it’s a fucking video game…if you want it to be real maybe you should’ve been a better athlete.

      • jags

        Well you’re an asshole. Madden has been HORRIBLE lately to the point where i dont buy it. Its $60 for the product and EA rips you and every other dumbass in the world off with it because they do a piss poor job at improving it. Fuck that other kid for being upset about his purchase, I mean, consumers are always wrong and aren’t supposed to have an opinion.

        Also, he could be Richard Sherman.

      • Khadeem

        Your officially donkey of the day

    • Trey Warner

      Madden was beating 2K now Madden has the monopoly. MLB the Show was beating 2K baseball so now MLB the Show has the monopoly. NBA 2K is/was beating live so they are soon going to have the monopoly again. That’s just how it is dude stop trying to blame them for monopolizing the brand when in reality they beat the competition already and are trying to make the most money.

  • SZN

    this kinda makes me wonder who the highest rated rookie in madden was all time, and then who was the highest rated rookie in any sports game all time