EA Sports Investigating Early Issues With Madden NFL 15

Posted August 27th, 2014 at 5:15 pm


In what will hopefully become a trend in attending to consumer concerns, EA Sports now has a status page that lists some of the most pressing issues people are having with Madden NFL 15 in its first few days of release. The company is acknowledging the problems and state that they will update with information when they have more to share.

Right now those include user-vs-user games not recording results in Online Connected Franchise mode, a message some are seeing regarding EA Servers being down, and the inability to redeem the pre-order bonus Ultimate Team packs. All three would presumably be fixed with server-side updates rather than necessitate a patch that would take much longer to address them.

  • ken

    Where is the issue of not having team play?

    • rednut4sho

      hey pasta why did they take team play out?

      • Their reasoning would be that very few people utilized the feature. Of course we could argue that its because they buried it for years but that would be their justification regardless.

  • The Great Leon

    Sadly not surprised. Players could have probably listed the issues 6-8 games ago, seems like the same ones happen.

  • Realist

    Would like to see the player progression issue in franchise mode added to that last right away.

  • Carl Lipscomb

    Here is how I feel about it Pasta, I understand there are Issues with releases on Games, as every Corporation has with unveiling Technology, But Here is how I feel, With EA as a whole is cheating customers out of Features for example The SIMS (my wife’s favorite Game) they announced 83 features that are missing from sims 4 that was in sims 3. The Early Access Flop that allowed you to play 6 hours only of madden, No release of A Demo, Rex Talking Ish @ E3 “Come at ME BRO” LOL and they send me a survey letting us now that the Company is moving forward with Digital download releases, and still charging Full Price..I’m a level headed Guy, but now we have the Physics Glitch.. WOW I did not buy the game

  • Slim

    how about the putting the damn opening kickoff back its there if you go into OT. I just like to concept of picking each team I play I decide differently

  • It’s weird, but I had no success running with him either. Even more bizarre? My best rushing game was with Trent Richardson.

    • ya just sorry i played with vikings twice and a.p. had over 190 both games

  • sca1994

    How about the falsely advertised features. Ps3 and 360 users do not get the fancy new graphics and defensive locks and idk what else. lame,

    • Noyz

      Why don’t you step up and buy a next gen console like everyone else and stop expecting to get everything everybody else is getting because you decided to be….cheap

      • sca1994

        If i had the money or desire to “step up” and buy the newer consoles I would have done so already. I would rather pay for my education than feed these consoles with limited games my money. I would rather wait for the price to drop and all the promised features to smooth out first. I find your reply ignorant because I only expected the advertised features because that was how it was portrayed to me. Have a nice day behind your computer.

        • jordan

          Madden 15 sucks whether you flipped for the new system or not. I’ve been playing Madden since it debuted and all I can say for the first time is I hate Madden.

      • kurt

        60 Bucks is 60 bucks. Some of us real gamers have familys now and can’t blow 400 plus dollars on a new system yet.

      • Taylor Wayne

        I have a ps4 and cant make it out of 2 qtr

    • Kevin Gesterling

      Those consoles cannot support those features, if you want them then consider upgrading to one of the newer consoles, otherwise you can expect to have lesser graphics and less features. It is how game consoles work, within 2-3 years of the PS4 and Xbox One being out you can probably expect no releases on PS3/360, it is just how it goes with games.

  • clubsteve

    what about the flying player glitch?…..smh.

    • Derrick Freeman

      Keep hearing about this haven’t seen it yet lol

  • Derrick Freeman

    Wow thought that was just me suffering from this I can’t get more than 50 years a game with Doug martin granted our oline sucks but wow ap can’t get any yards either

  • jr

    Had no issue with redeeming any code and have had no issues with the server.

  • Trap runs and HB Cuts/counters. Very strong this year.

  • Iown You

    The game has a lot more issues than the things they’ve posted, that’s for sure.

  • MCJedi1

    The run game is shot (again) linemen are missing their blocks, running backs can’t cut back to open holes, it’s like playing M13 all over again! Looks like the passing game is back…bombs away!

  • notagain24

    LOL they got rid of OTP( online team play). That was the last fun aspect of madden, first time in 15 years i have not bought madden. OTP was actually extremely fun to play with friends. Because madden does not have OTP 6 of my friends are not buying it this year.

  • little britches

    Has anyone else had the pass routes disappear when lining up for the snap? Pressing the right trigger is suppose to show the routes but at least 3 times a game my routes disappear. Is this a new feature I have not read about?

  • Dan

    Pasta, have you had a chance to take a bite out of franchise mode yet? I’m curious if the pre-season is still a mess with starters playing special teams in the 4th quarter etc.. Also, are there practice squads this year?

    • No practice squads. I simmed past pre-season earlier but from what I’ve heard it hasnt changed.

  • SteelHeat226

    How about the fact that Steelers fb Will Johnson has his pic as some random white guy lol wtf?The guy is black EA!Or that they could add Jacksonville’s video board but not the new one at Hines Field?Those are my only problems with the game.Other than that this easily has got to be the best Madden I’ve ever played.
    What do you think Pasta?

    • SteelHeat226

      You there Pasta or GoMadden?

  • MrJmac1982 .

    whats the latest on when ultimate team redeem codes will ne working? still no free packs

  • Chiryder

    Still playing Madden 12. Thanx to the folks over at OperationSports. I have it with Madden 15 rosters. Yea, I’m not buying another Madden game for awhile.

  • ED2kBeaats

    Something has to be done about the CPU QB’s being in beast mode. Just had EJ Manuel go 22 of 22 for 178. and Spiller put up damn near 200yards. They were unstoppable the 2,3, and most of the 4th quarter because i could not get to him to force an incompletion.
    But some kind of way i got the game to OT with my back-up QB due to injuries and got the W. Never ever had someone much less the CPU go 100% on me. it was like he was in practice mode with only the offense.

  • Justin Glenn

    What about the play call screen being broken? And I don’t mean that the play call screen sucks… even though it does.

    What I mean are all of glitches. It freezes, puts plays in the wrong formation, sometimes doesn’t allow you to pick a play on defense, the defensive clock timer will randomly starts with 3 seconds, and when you no huddle the formation name will remain the same, or will be blank. This causes you to have no idea what you are audibling to. It is crazy that such a huge aspect of the game could be so flawed and actually released. This is pre- beta problems here…

  • Gotemcoach

    I hate the fact that you can see your opponents previous play on defense. If you don’t know how to see what defenses are being used against you the game should not help you out

  • Ben

    This game is trash they move like robots, the play call screen and audible screen is fucked and they’ve dumbed down the game for the less experienced madden gamers with this shitty ass animations wr’s do when we try to user them. Then of course the 100 drop interceptions they do on defense. Scenario: i would drop 3 picks and then opponent would convert on 4th down and get a 1st. And the online depth chart doesnt save. Fuk you ea .

  • Zeco

    My game is stuck on the loading screen. It says Loading Data, still wait.

  • Devin

    Why every year are the stats so low I just finished a season and CPU controlled teams had unrealistic numbers out of 31 CPU teams (I was Pittsburgh) the leading passer was stafford at 4072 yards and the only QB CPU controlled in the 4000+ yards then the leader in TDs was Cutler with 21 CPU controlled. When in a real season there is 10+ guys in the 4000 maybe even 1 or 2 in the 5000 and a handful of QBs with 30-40 TD passes while almost every QB throws at least 20 TDs.

  • Paul

    Since the update, I finish a game, quit to menu & it freezes on the loading screen. (Connected career) This has now happened 3 times, using different careers each time.

  • Mike Madrid-Robles

    EA can you please add the NFL 2014-2015 regular season mode

  • Eddie Nevin

    This game crashes on me at least once a day, I’m on my 2nd PS3 which I’ve had since maybe January and I know for a fact it’s not my PS3 since my other games like Last of Us and all don’t freeze. I’ve played mostly Connected Franchise Mode offline this year, with a few exhibition games here and there. I’ve had the game lock up on me at the stats screen after a game, it doesn’t freeze because I can scroll through stats and bring up the Playstation menu but it will not let me exit the stat screen and I have to turn my game off. And then there’s the glitch the kills the game for me which is that when I score a Touchdown the game freezes the moment a player crosses the endzone with the ball, I’ve had this happen in the first quarter and I’ve had it happen in the 3rd and 4th which is incredibly frustrating. then there’s other minor cosmetic glitches. It’s insulting that developers release games this broken anymore because they can “patch it later” Madden 15 and 25 have crashed on my way too much, I swear I feel like I’m driving a clunker and it could die on me any minute when I play it these last couple years

    just unacceptable…………
    Oh and I forced a fumble against the Ravens the other night which was clearly a fumble and the player was practically standing when he lost the ball but the game reviewed it, it was taken away from me, and I’ve had about 3 TD’s recalled as out of bounds when they were clearly in-bounds by like 2 yards or so. This game is just broken beyond belief right now.

  • Dylan Aarhus

    Has any one recently recovered while playing the game it always simulates every play on connected franchise mode is it a setting or is it a glitch

  • Rocfuz Artworks

    Why the fuck when I save madden 2015 it always starts me from begining of season, fuck u madden I want my $ back

    • Packfan0412

      yea thats my issue when i save my game it always creates a new file then when i open latest file my last played game isnt there and what happened to auto save where it automatically overwrites the last file saved

  • Rocfuz Artworks

    What the hell u can save & always starts where u left off no matter how far u save, again fuck u madden 2015

  • Rocc

    It won’t let my play online at all. I have a gold membership. Please help me

  • Upset madden user

    I have an Xbox one and my game won’t even go past the loading screen. I have had the game since it was released and I have not gotten to play it at all. It freezes on the loading screen after playing through the opening sequence every time you pick a game mode. Why would I ever buy an ea game again if I can’t even use them.
    Anyone have any answers or solutions for me?
    I have used two brand new disc and uninstalled and reinstalled both multiple times. My problem still persist.

    • Justin

      Reboot your box.

  • Prodigy Ra

    Anyone having problem in mut message come up saying ea server is not available please try again?

    • mctexx

      Now come on.. $60 for this game? nope, go over to Amazon and pick it up for $40 guess I shouldn’t tell my secrets but there you go…. but who gives a crap if it freezes all the time.. I’ve heard all over the internet that there was a problem and when people said something about it EA just closed their ears and didn’t listen.. Hey, EA, PATCH the stupid game or we’re NOT going to buy it anymore.. what would you do then? I can’t hear you……

  • JesusIsLife

    I want my money back. Madden gets worse and worse. The movement sucks, pass to a wide open player and he goes into an animation where you can’t prevent him from runnin towards the sidelines, the off/def audibles suck. Madden 11 was the last good one.

    Who I call or email to TRY and see if I can get my money back since I downloaded it on PS4???

  • kevin

    My ea server is always down … paid enough money for the game kinda wanna play

  • Packfan0412

    Why when you save in connected career offline it just keeps created a new file and then when u open the latest file you’re last game is not there what happened to auto save

  • Sam Kinison the 69th

    Game just crashed on my X1 during an online UT game. Console made some jarring electronic sound and dumped me to dashboard.

  • Jack wood

    On mine I couldn’t select any of the options to sim to my players turn during connected franchise. I had to come out of the game and it caused me to lose 25 games of progress which included winning the superbowl and changing teams

  • king congo 623

    Having problems with players in my connected franchise not being able to connect. Everytime they accept the game invite it says this game session is no longer available. What’s up with that? Its happened 4 times already.

  • Jason Koerth

    Not sure if this is fool proof, but it has worked for me 3 times in a row so far. My ccm game would freeze after i exit and it gets to the loading screen to go back to my ccm dashboard. the last 3 games i have just let the post game comments and interviews play out on their own and let it take me to exit menu automatically, then exit and it hasn’t froze…like i said it’s only 3 games but it’s positive, because EA isn’t going to fix this, and it’s a shame.

  • alex

    Im not understanding why my player on madden 2015 wasnt signed too a team? I was rated at 98 overall and I’d won 3 consecutive super bowls? What kind of bull shit is this???