Patch being worked on to address many Madden NFL 16 bugs

Posted August 25th, 2015 at 4:45 pm


While there’s a lot to like about Madden NFL 16, it’s also arguably the buggiest release for the series in recent memory. At the top of the list is the encroachment bug during gameplay, as well as several that are extremely detrimental to Connected Franchise. It’s probably wise to wait on starting up a franchise until a patch has been delivered that fixes the known issues.

[Update] Even EA is now publicly stating to wait on starting a franchise until a patch goes out.

There may not be a set time frame for when that first patch will come, but creative director Rex Dickson has indicated on Twitter it won’t be the typical mid-October wait for a community feedback-driven patch.¬†

To EA’s credit, members of the development team have been allowed to acknowledge issues publicly on Twitter this year, something that hasn’t always been the case in the past. Dickson, Kolbe Launchbaugh, and Clint Oldenburg have been active and interacting through the platform with consumers. It’s refreshing to see and though it may not negate the frustrations being experienced it at least shows a level of responsiveness while demonstrating desire to create the best product possible. People tend to be understanding if they don’t feel they’re being ignored.

Bugs specifically noted¬†that will be addressed so far include the random encroachment coming out of the huddle, severe ratings regression in Franchise, ratings being boosted to absurd levels during Franchise games, broken SuperSim that gives QB’s a number of carries that rivals starting running backs, custom playbooks not always appearing, and draft classes that come in too high in certain attribute categories.

  • jay mccormack

    Has anyone had a problem in connected franchise mode vs a user and not being able to pick plays or controller going crazy like it ran out of battery power?

    I have had this back to back games so far in user CFM. First game my controller felt like it was sticking on triangle button so I switched to my other controller in 3rd qtr. When I did that my original controller started blinking like it ran out of power then turned yellow. This happened with 3 controllers I couldn’t do shit even if I was plugged in.

    Googled this said it might be ps4 on some BS.

    But this happened tonight vs a user. In 4th qtr my opponent pauses I guess to change something idk he paused like 2/3 during the game? Maybe the problem idk? But after this specific time I couldn’t pick a play. I think we may have both called back to back time outs because he was doing the hurry up and I might have called a timeout but I’m not sure and then he called a time out for some reason and then he paused it? Not sure only know after coming back from the pause I could pick a play. After time ran out on def I could move change ppl all that just not pick a play.

    So far haven’t found this issue with anyone. Please let me know if you heard something like this.

    Also, ea has dropped the ball again. Another game not ready to come out but they push it anyway. And I loved this game first 10 ppl I played but now I’m starting to think this is the worst madden yet with some of the BS that happens constantly. I have videos vs CPU where the CPU def just goes crazy and sacks me before handoffs to rb by OLB coming around from the far side. Then I’ll check the replay and presnap replay that lb isn’t showing but appears after the snap and you can see it causes the oline to not even try to block that lb.
    It’s like a CPU nano!!!

    Bunch of other stuff too. And probably stuff I haven’t had happen to me yet that others have happen on the reg. also this isn’t techmo bowl ea with Johnny fu nut and rg3 dropping back 20 yards then rolling out and while the are still running backwards stop and blindly throw off back foot before being hit to find a wr that had been covered all play till the min my cb runs into my safety for no reason causing wr to wide open with no one within 29 yards of them.

    I could go on with lots more. I’m done tho with madden. I’ll wait till 2k or another company makes a game. I’ll try a college game again if and when one comes out but not madden unless they build it from ground up. Not retooling same fucking game 16 times plus!

  • jay mccormack

    Also another rant but I’ll make this one shorter.

    Madden been doing this game awhile and I am always dumbfounded but the fact the same problems contunie year in and out.

    For example:
    1.custom playbooks never working or glitch and show wrong formation etc etc… Damn this has I’ve played madden for 4 yrs only because NCAA stopped. But rarely did NCAA have that prob. Also NCAA had a way way way light years better way of making a playbook. Simple fast and didn’t take writing notes to remember what it was you wanted to put into it. (Also why have multiple plays of within the same set when making playbook? Like 5 buzz weak blitz (or pick your play! Ex) in 4/3 stack. Not really true but not looking up shit to make it true it’s there. Also NCAA had much better way sub in players or using specific players in specific plays at specific position.

    2. Salary cap probs roster problems and CPU cutting players….. Sorry I’m hitting my wall here it’s time for sleep but mofo first 10 games I thought this was best madden ever they finially got it! Then last 20 it’s like I can’t understand why I thought is was different or special. Like the last 4 madden games they all feel the same after 2 weeks.

    Anyway anyone else feels this way let me know because I’m tired of EA force feeding us this BS and game reviewers sites giving it 5/5 stars 9.8/10 BS playing it for a few days. Bet after two weeks or months they would be like damn this is same shit!

    And ea needs to stop releasing games with bugs up the ass. And just retooling old games over and over. Is like we are paying full price for a upgraded patch of the pervious game with the same fucking problems and issues as the one before it and the one before that.

  • Shane Shanafelt

    When I run a no huddle offense I can’t audible. Is anyone else having this problem or am I doing something wrong.

  • Joseph Krajewski

    Why cant I change uniforms and weather in online play? they just skipped the entire match set up, i dont even know who im playing until kick off

  • tralfazz

    I’m having a problem with screens and sweeps to the right. Every time I try to run to the right my player just stops running and I get tackled for a loss. Anyone else experience this?

  • Totalkaos24

    why everytime I change my playbook online it goes back to team specific

  • Kingsean275

    Is anyone else having problems with the game freezing when starting a cfm game

    • James Gregson

      About every other game! This is AFTER I installed the patch, It crashes constantly. I have given up twice. Tried reinstalling the game, starting from fresh and I get the same problem.

  • Carter Gran

    Well this has been happening since madden 15 for me… Whenever staring a game of any type it freezes but the music keeps playing haven’t even played a game on m16 yet and will sell if not patched cuz it still happens in 15 too

  • Mark Elrod

    How about this… Stop spending most of the production money on exclusive licensing to maintain their monopoly & spend that money on coders who actually know what they are doing? EA Sports developers are horrible, across the board. Can those hacks.

    I avoided Madden for many years, on PS3. I broke down & got Madden 25. Then, skipped Madden 15, because 25 sucked in a lot of ways.

    I got this crappy game for the PS4 & now I regret wasting my money.

    The servers are HORRIBLE & there are so many bugs, it’s ridiculous.

    Put out a COMPLETE GAME. How would you feel if I sold you a car without wheels, spark plugs, a starter, & an intake manifold, then told you I will work on fixing it in a few months?

    No wonder EA Sports is one of the worst rated companies in America.

    I am done with Madden. I won’t buy this crap again. I gave that company too many chances & gave been disappointed EVERYTIME.

  • Mark Elrod


  • Justin Rose

    Is anyone else having a problem loading anything. Mine is stuck on the loading screen whether it’s conected franchise, play now, practice, and skills trainer I can’t load it. Please help!

  • leeman

    To get the playbook you want online just press X on Xbox 1 when your at the screen where you select your team. The screen after the one that tells you your online rating.