Survey lays out features being considered for EA Sports UFC 3

Posted April 22nd, 2016 at 6:30 am


EA Sports UFC 2 just released last month but internally the publisher is already looking ahead to the follow-up likely scheduled for 2018. The company is attempting to gauge interest in potential new features to be introduced in EA Sports UFC 3 through a survey sent out to random owners of the game. A screenshot sent in by a reader has revealed what they have in mind.

Features represented in similar past surveys have often come to fruition, so these are unlikely just to be random ideas floated for reaction and instead may already be in an early stage of active development with some to get cut at a later date. There are spins on popular features found in other EA Sports games and the first sign of virtual reality interest. 

EA Sports UFC 3 possible features

There are few really interesting things of note here. The first is that EA may in fact be looking at integrating Virtual Reality headsets in their sports games, though not as the main mode of play but a separate side-mode which makes far more sense. PlayStation VR is set to go out late this year but as of now Microsoft has not announced any hardware for the Xbox One.

Next is the “Ultimate Draft Champion.” Draft modes have put a new spin on Ultimate Team, allowing people to have some control over crafting their teams, getting to use players they may not get to otherwise, and competing on an even playing field online. Madden and FIFA have these draft modes, and MLB The Show followed by introducing its own, and now it looks like it could make it to UFC as well.

Finally there’s several mentions of “wagering” and “purchasing” and it seems as though a greater reliance on in-game currency will be on the way. A slippery slope for sure that would depend a lot on how well the systems are implemented.

What do you think of what EA Sports looks to have in mind for the third UFC title?

  • Delano Walker

    So no more fight night then huh? I guess I’m the only one that misses boxing.Nothing against MMA

    • No, there are people that do, but it’s a sport that costs a lot more for them to make a game, cause they’d have to license out every fighter they want individually as just one factor.

      • Delano Walker

        That does make sense. Thank you for the clarification. Knockout mode it is I suppose.

        • Doggystyle

          An online knockout mode would fix the problem, just make it have deeper gameplay. Boom.

  • jabber

    EA needs to accept that UFC is dying. No gimmicks are going to save it.

  • Future_

    A revamped career mode would be nice or one that expands on the whole fighter promoting their fights and training. So I guess a more expanded career mode would be better.

    • Sean Sinagra

      THQ’s UFC 3 was the best at career mode, they had you work your way into the UFC through the minor leagues! Even EA MMA did it that way with StrikeForce and making it there after you won on the regional circuit .
      Then you pick what camp you want (Something missing from EA UFC)
      EA needs soccer kicks, fighter sharing, and a setting for simulation stamina

  • WilsonRamos

    a simple control scheme would be good not everyone can be bothered to memorise 70 button combos

  • Marc

    This is needed for madden, let the crowd choose M18 features

  • Joshua Ring

    Does anyone else find it annoying that the camera is fixed so that red is on the left and blue is on the right? In Fight Night….when playing online, regardless of which corner your in, you are always positioned on the left side of the screen. Why does this matter, you ask? I find it slightly more difficult to fight from the blue corner because the controls are flipped and i always feel like im fighting backing up….I would be curious to see what % of ‘Championships’ mode fights are won from red vs blue corner #RedCornerAdvantage