The four different editions of MLB The Show 18 and what they offer

Posted November 7th, 2017 at 1:30 pm

MLB The Show 18 has been officially unveiled with the announcement of Aaron Judge for the cover and the various pre-order incentives. Though there aren’t any details on the upcoming game’s actual features or improvements pre-orders naturally are getting pushed at this early stage. With four different options and retailer-specific bonuses a breakdown is provided below. Heavy Diamond Dynasty players will want to go for the Digital Deluxe, while the MVP Edition is probably the best option for everyone else. 

Standard Edition ($60)

Releases 3/23 for pre-orders through Gamestop or PlayStation Store. 3/27 elsewhere.

Includes 10 Standard Packs, 1 Legend Card

MVP Edition ($70)

Releases 3/23 for pre-orders through Gamestop or PlayStation Store. 3/27 elsewhere.

Limited Edition Steel Book, Mission Starter for a Gold Player, 5K Stubs, 1 Sponsor Pack, 1 Classic Stadium, 10 Standard Packs, 30 MLB PS4 Themes

Digital Deluxe Edition ($100)

Releases 3/23 for pre-orders through PlayStation Store.

Mission Starter for a Diamond Player, Mission Starter for a Gold Player, Digital Deluxe Lead Off Pack, 11K Stubs, 1 Sponsor Pack, 1 Classic Stadium, 20 Standard Packs, 30 MLB PS4 Themes

All Rise Edition ($100)

Releases 3/23 for pre-orders w/limited quantity exclusively through Gamestop.

Exclusive New Era All Rise Edition 9FIFTY Hat, Limited Edition MVP Edition Steel Book, Digital Diamond Dynasty New Era All Rise Edition 9FIFTY Hat for use in game, Diamond Mission Starter for a Diamond player, Gold Mission Starter for a Gold player, 11K Stubs, 1 Sponsor Pack, 10 Standard Packs, 1 Classic Stadium, 30 MLB PS4 Themes

  • Keith.

    Sorry for the OT post, Pasta, but big sales numbers reported by TTWO today for NBA 2K18, up 20% with unit sales and up 30%+ for digital revenues in comparison to NBA 2K17. Their stock price is killing it after-hours, up more than $10 at the moment and blowing by EA’s stock price for the first time that I can ever recall.

    So much for all the doom and gloom stories from the media, as usual.

    • Keith.

      6 million copies sold already (not sure if that was through the end of their fiscal quarter or to date)

      20% increase year over year

      30% increase in average daily users year over year

      And their stock is now trading $5 over EA’s stock price, after never before being ahead.

      What a great day. Funny how not a single video games media website reported on NBA 2K18’s tremendous launch success. Guess none of their scare-tactic, click-bait stories had any effect whatsoever. LoL

      • MoneyMayweather

        Do you think they have a package to offer the NFL for a chance at NFL 2k? keith? I bought NBA 2k18 on launch day.

        • Keith.

          You’d sure think the NFL would take notice of NBA 2K’s huge success, wouldn’t you?

  • MoneyMayweather

    Pasta can you make a thread how NBA Live 18 runs on the xbox one X Im trying to finding videos of it and nothing is coming up online.

  • WilsonRamos

    Man so bored of this series

  • Jeff

    hey pasta arent amazon prime members suppose to get 20 percent discount on all pre ordered games from there? i was just on there trying to pre order need for speed and they told me its not an eligible title. also i see theres a pre order for steep winter olympics for 59.99 and winter olympics gold edition for 79.99 i have the base game and season pass is the winter olympics not included in that

  • Jeff

    i read those bastards at take two are putting microtransaction in all there games

    • Keith.

      LoL…Owen Goode’s still beating that topic to death, while ignoring NBA 2K’s sales success. What a clown and what a clown website.

      • Jeff

        So the more than 20 major gaming websites are clowns because they reported this it may not be a big deal to way but for the people who play more the 1 game its huge the fact that cutting stuff from the main game and making ranking up take long unless you buy microstransaction so the can get extra money is shitty

        • BravesFan24

          The microtransactions thing isn’t a very good business practice, but I think the average person is willing to overlook it, because the game as a whole is awesome. And if what they’re charging in the MyCareer mode is such a turn-off, it’s not like there aren’t other modes to enjoy.

          I agree that ranking up shouldn’t be based around who spends the most cash, I hope they change that next year. But the rest of the MyCareer mode this year is so good that I personally do not care enough about the microtransactions to not play the mode.

          • Jeff

            its not just nba there going to be putting them in its all there games red dead redemption 2 gta 6 whenever that is those are mainly single player games so its gonna ruin those look at shadow of war thats a single player game now i havent finished it yet but from what ive seen from the reviews the ending of the game can take up to 15hours to complete just 1 mission so they put in microtransactions in to speed that process up to only a few hours if you spend $100 thats gonna be an issue

        • Keith.

          My Player is at an 83 and I expect to be playing until June. My guess is I’ll be in the high 80s or low 90s by February at the rate I’m playing. That’s pretty much a perfect progression system far as I’m concerned.