Madden NFL 18 roster update details following end of regular season

Posted January 6th, 2018 at 9:00 am

The roster update reflecting performances through the end of the regular season is now available to download in Madden NFL 18. More players than usual were left untouched by the update but instead this one seems to have focused on players that were reevaluated as over or underrated when taking their season-long performance into consideration.

Among that group of players would be DeMarcus Lawrence (+2 to 94), Todd Gurley (+2 to 91 and now 4th highest rated running back), Dez Bryant (-2 to 88), and Jimmy Garoppolo (+3 to 83).

Other notables on the move this week include Harrison Smith (+1 to 96), Joey Bosa (+1 to 91), Devonta Freeman (-1 to 90), Greg Olsen (-1 to 90), Alvin Kamara (+1 to 88), Adam Thielen (+1 to 88), Patrick Peterson (-2 to 87), Demario Davis (+3 to 86), Jimmy Graham (-2 to 86), Marcus Williams (+3 to 85), Dion Lewis (+2 to 85), and Doug Martin (-4 to 77).

Check out full details on current ratings and any changes in this week’s update through the form on the official Madden NFL 18 website.

  • Logic

    Matt Ryan is overrated. His stats don’t equate to the rating he has.

    • futuristic_concept_juice

      Yeah, he was the NFL MVP and one Devonta Freeman block away from being the Super Bowl MVP last season, so I think he’s getting a boost this season because he had such a good year last year and has proven that he *can* be great… But that whole offense has been down for most of this season.

      • Logic

        That was last year, we are talking about this year. His stats don’t warrant that rating. His stats are on par with Eli’s and Eli whole offense died in one game. Besides last year, Matt Ryan has been getting for doing nothing, not just him but Rivers too. All flash and no substance. Just my person opinion. Dez isn’t an 88 overall. He had no business being a 90.