Bryan Wiedey aka “pastapadre” worked on staff at the MaddenNation.com website and subsequently SportsGamer.com beginning in 2004 before leaving in June 2007 to concentrate fully on Pastapadre.com and provide a focus on sports gaming that had sorely been lacking in the media.

Having worked within both the media and community environments allows for unique perspective to offer when analyzing the news as well as contributing original content related to sports gaming.

Pastapadre.com offers this original content all the while covering the news and pertinent information regarding all the major sports console games. The site is updated on a consistent basis 24/7. Whenever there are new topics to discuss, whether that be midday or in the middle of the night and on the weekend, Pastapadre.com will be there. Instead of scrambling around to various sites and putting the pieces together, you’ll be able to find everything you need to know all in one place.

Pastapadre.com also takes pride in the level of interaction with the readers through the comments and social media. When it comes to hands-on game impressions, you can expect many questions and suggestions to be responded to. The site offers exclusive features tailored to the hardcore fans of the games who seek out a more realistic and knowledgeable evaluation – and examinations and analysis of the games and developments year round – which are areas generally ignored or overlooked by media sites. There will always be a wide variety of content that should interest anyone who loves sports video games.

As of September 2009 the Pastapadre brand has expanded to cover movies and television. This dedication to the entertainment sector will continue to build over time. Despite that the sports gaming coverage will always been front and center.

Pastapadre does not accept gifts or trips from game publishers. In the rare case where an early copy of a game is provided for coverage purposes a separate copy is purchased and raffled off to readers through one of the many giveaways held on the site.

Thanks for stopping in and feel free to email, interact through Twitter and Facebook, or leave a comment on an article at any time. Email tips are accepted and anonymity is protected. Enjoy the site!

Bryan Wiedey (pastapadre) – Owner/Editor/Content

Fred Villarruel (Fred) – Community Manager

Dylan Favorite (Jerkfacefave) – Entertainment, MMA and Gaming Correspondent

Vincent Waller (Nix) -Design & Tech Support

Seattle, WA
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