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  • MLB 15: The Show Gameplay Live Stream
    Posted February 5th, 2015 at 6:15 pm 25 Comments »
    SCEA held the first of several planned live streams of MLB 15: The Show earlier today. With all of the primary improvements and additions for the game already revealed in the full features list the company can spend time showcasing and expanding upon them in this manner. Today's stream was focused on gameplay, acting as the first opportunity to see MLB 15 in action while demonstrating many of the enhancements to expect from the product. That includes some talk about graphics, direction...
  • Special Edition of MLB 15: The Show Announced
    Posted February 5th, 2015 at 9:30 am 5 Comments »
    Earlier this week the first pre-order incentives were listed for MLB 15: The Show and today SCEA has announced a special edition of the game. For $70 the 10th Anniversary Edition of MLB 15: The Show on PS4 will include: ♦10th Anniversary Steelbook and Exclusive Cover ♦12,000 in "Stubs" ($10 value) ♦15 Bonus Item Packs ($15 value) ♦30 MLB team Dynamic Themes ($3.49 value each) ♦MLB 15: The Show Dynamic Theme ($3.49 value) "Stubs" is the universal currency used throughout t...
  • Pre-Order Bonuses for MLB 15: The Show
    Posted February 3rd, 2015 at 1:15 pm 2 Comments »
    Both Amazon and Gamestop have added pre-order incentives to their listings of MLB 15: The Show. The two retailers are offering a free DualShock 4 MLB controller skin. The code will be provided with the game and then entered through the SkinIt website. All the designs (and there are a lot) can be checked out in advance here. It's a quality product and $15 value. Bonuses in recent years for The Show have depended on retailer and included "Universal in-game currency" or DualShock controller...
  • Your Thoughts on the Features List for MLB 15: The Show
    Posted February 2nd, 2015 at 1:00 pm 13 Comments »
    SCEA expanded upon the initial feature announcements for MLB 15: The Show with a complete list of additions and improvements last week. In an earlier poll respondents cited the improvements to graphics and loading times as the most anticipated aspects of the upcoming game. That may be different now that much more is known about the product. Vote in the poll (up to three options) and leave your thoughts in the comments - what new feature or improvement are you most looking forward to? ...
  • Compete Features List for MLB 15: The Show
    Posted January 29th, 2015 at 12:30 pm 19 Comments »
    SCEA today released the full fact sheet for MLB 15: The Show. The game is now just two months from its March 31 release so this represents a significant amount of information to have already. It allows the company to expand on and showcase features and improvements in the coming weeks rather than "revealing" them each step of the way. The fact sheet includes more details on previously announced features and various improvements for the game. That includes licensed equipment, save migratio...
  • What Features Announced To Date for MLB 15: The Show Are You Most Anticipating?
    Posted December 15th, 2014 at 5:30 pm 8 Comments »
    The first release of info related to MLB 15: The Show included a handful of features and improvements to expect from the game that will release on March 31. There wasn't anything monumental announced but instead a variety of things that will appeal to different types of players. Those include the first opportunity to use save migration from MLB 14, overhauled Diamond Dynasty, a radio show, the introduction of licensed equipment, the addition of legends, enhanced graphics, more defined player...
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