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  • End of Year Community Awards: Best Career Mode of 2013
    Posted December 24th, 2013 at 11:45 am 11 Comments »
    The year-in-review process continues with another category to vote for in the Community Awards. Best Career Mode features NHL 14, NBA 2K14, and MLB 13: The Show to determine which offered the best experience for controlling a single player through a personal journey. It's a category that has previously been won by The Show and NBA 2K.  (more…)...
  • End of the Year Community Awards: Best Mobile Sports Game
    Posted December 19th, 2013 at 10:00 am 1 Comment »
    The year-in-review process opened up earlier this week with the start of the Community Awards. Today the category is Best Mobile Sports Game. The number of nominees are being expanded to five in this category given the sheer number of mobile games and the unlikelihood that a majority of voters would have played any or all of what would have been a top three. (more…)...
  • End of the Year Community Awards: Best Gameplay of 2013
    Posted December 17th, 2013 at 4:15 pm 9 Comments »
    The year-in-review process opened up yesterday with the start of the Community Awards. Kicking it off was the Best New Feature and today the category is Best Gameplay. Since starting the Community Awards the three franchises nominated for the honor of Best Gameplay have remained the same. NBA 2K, MLB: The Show, and FIFA have established themselves as the finest in the sports gaming genre. NBA 2K11, FIFA 12, and NBA 2K13 have taken home the honors. This year it's NBA 2K14, MLB 13: The Sho...
  • End of Year Community Awards: Best New Feature of 2013
    Posted December 16th, 2013 at 1:45 pm 12 Comments »
    With 2013 coming to a close it's time to begin looking back on the developments that have taken place and awarding the various efforts in sports gaming. To start will be the first of the Community Awards. You can check out the winners from previous years here. The categories to look forward to are Community Sports Game of the Year, Best Gameplay, Best Online Play, Best Presentation, Best Franchise Mode, Best Career Mode, Best Mobile Sports Game, and Most Disappointing Game. Kicking it off...
  • Polls Show Wide Range of Opinions on Next-Gen Launch Sports Games
    Posted December 12th, 2013 at 11:15 am 14 Comments »
    Now nearly a month into the new generation of consoles the sports games have proven to represent the best and worst of the Xbox One and PS4's launches. FIFA 14 is the standout while NBA Live 14 failed to reach even the lowest of consumer standards. The polls posted last week to gauge satisfaction levels generated nearly 20K total votes. Continue on for how the results shook out and what it means to the games in question.  (more…)...
  • How Have The Next-Gen Sports Games Lived Up To Your Expectations?
    Posted December 5th, 2013 at 6:15 pm 28 Comments »
    The arrival of the new generation of systems has been accompanied by a strong lineup of sports games. While Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14 have attempted to transfer over complete feature sets while enhancing gameplay and atmosphere, NBA 2K14 went the route of revamping its franchise and career modes while impressing even more with its visuals.  (more…)...
  • NBA 2K11 Wins Best Sports Game of the Generation Tournament
    Posted November 30th, 2013 at 1:30 pm 14 Comments »
    It entered the competition as the favorite and exited with the title. NBA 2K11 is the community's Best Sports Game of the 360/PS3/Wii Generation. Despite being the overall number one seed NBA 2K11 didn't just cruise to easy victories along the way. Surprisingly some vulnerability was shown as there were other games involved in the tournament winning by comparable or greater margins over perceived tougher competition. However ultimately no game was able to topple 2K11 which won the title o...
  • Black Friday 2013 Gaming Deals
    Posted November 28th, 2013 at 12:00 pm 10 Comments »
    Here is a look at the listed video game related deals for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Among the deals, which are primarily for 360 and PS3, is one year of PlayStation Plus for $30 at multiple retailers. Walmart looks to be the place to go if not buying through Amazon online. Amazon lightning deals will be updated constantly in the section below. Make sure to follow on Twitter where relevant deal alerts will be posted as they go live.  (more…)...
  • Xbox One vs PS4 Loading Time Comparison
    Posted November 25th, 2013 at 12:30 pm 42 Comments »
    Despite all the improvements that have been welcomed in with the arrival of the new hardware one hope that hasn't been realized is that of significantly reduced loading times. With that in mind I tested Madden NFL 25 and NBA 2K14 and how long the process took in booting up the games and getting in and out of the action. Interestingly despite the increased power capabilities on the PlayStation 4 it is the Xbox One that is proving to have an edge in loading the games faster. Where the PS4 ...
  • Next-Gen Game Deals at Amazon Today
    Posted November 22nd, 2013 at 9:30 am 4 Comments »
    Amazon's lightning deals today include a number of next-gen games. FIFA 14 and Madden NFL 25 have already come and gone but NBA Live 14 and Need for Speed Rivals are among those that will be available later today. Click here to go to the lightning deals page! Currently or previously available for $49 Knack (PS4), Battlefield 4 (PS4/Xbox One), Assassin's Creed Black Flag (PS4/Xbox One) NBA Live 14 (Xbox One/PS4) Ryse (Xbox One) Dead Rising (Xbox One) Forza 5 (Xbox One) NBA 2K14 (Xbox...
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