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  • New Career Mode “The One” and Gameplay Details for NBA Live 18
    Posted June 10th, 2017 at 12:30 pm 19 Comments »

    After taking a year off – the fourth time in the last seven years that a game has failed to release – EA Sports is looking to earn some credibility back with NBA Live 18 this fall. At EA Play today the company revealed its big feature as a Career Mode called “The One” along with some gameplay details and the announcement of a free demo.  Read more

  • MLB The Show 17 roster update details and Diamond Dynasty content for June 9
    Posted June 9th, 2017 at 1:15 pm No Comments »

    Along with the latest patch out this morning new content in the form of additions to Diamond Dynasty and the weekly roster update have gone live in MLB The Show 17. The updates are significant as the new roster includes some major changes to ratings moving players up or down a tier while the Players of the Month for May have been introduced to Diamond Dynasty.

    Dallas Keuchel and Zack Greinke are the biggest winners of the update up 2 points to go from Gold to Diamond status. Surrendering their place as Diamonds are Cubs pitchers Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester who have both fallen 3 points into the Gold tier at 87 Overall.

    Other notable changes include Carlos Correa (+2 to 89), Anthony Rendon (+3 to 87 and new Gold), Ryan Zimmerman (+4 to 86 and new Gold), Chris Devenski (+2 to 86 and new Gold), Will Harris (+2 to 86 and new Gold), George Springer (+2 to 86 and new Gold), Yasmani Grandal (+2 to 85 and new Gold), Mike Moustakas (+4 to 84), Justin Bour (+3 to 84), Elvis Andrus (+3 to 84) Kyle Hendricks (-3 to 84 dropping to Silver), Gerrit Cole (-2 to 84 dropping to Silver), Yonder Alonso (+5 to 83), Tommy Kahnle (+5 to 83), Zack Cosart (+3 to 83), Kelvin Herrera (-2 to 83 dropping to Silver), Matt Carpenter (-4 to 81), and Matt Harvey (-8 to 74).

    The May Players of the Month are out in Diamond Dynasty mode. Found in packs or the marketplace are Alex Wood (94 Overall), Justin Bour (90 Overall), Zack Cosart (89 Overall), Devon Travis (88 Overall), and Koda Glover (86 Overall). Lance McCullers (93 Overall) is available in the Ticket Counter for 3,000. Those who collect all six can advance in the Mission to receive 94 Overall Carlos Correa.

  • Details on MLB The Show 17’s sixth patch
    Posted June 9th, 2017 at 8:00 am 7 Comments »

    Work continues to try and fix various issues with MLB The Show 17 besides its continued server struggles. Earlier updates to MLB 17 delivered adjustments to AI manager decision-making, fixes for gameplay and presentation, the initial improvements made to gameplay, miscellaneous changes, plus a few early online and uniform fixes.

    The sixth post-release patch went out today and includes the removal of the broken PCI indicator from the pitching side of the equation and a resolution so Challenge of the Week mode can make a return after its recent hiatus.  Read more

  • E3/EA Play 2017 Preview
    Posted June 8th, 2017 at 3:30 pm 12 Comments »

    Though its relevance on the ground has been fading E3 still represents a massive yearly event for the gaming industry. The press briefings that take place prior to E3 are main draw for observers while Electronic Arts has left E3 to hold their own overlapping event known as EA Play and other companies have begun to take similar approaches.

    E3 and now also EA Play have traditionally delivered new insight into the upcoming crop of sports games slated for late summer and fall. Here’s the lineup for when everything is taking place, what to expect, and where to watch.  Read more

  • Diamond Dynasty Event featuring Legends/Flashbacks has opened
    Posted June 7th, 2017 at 5:45 pm 1 Comment »

    The fourth weeklong online Diamond Dynasty Event went live earlier today in MLB The Show 17. The theme for this Event is “Time Warp” as it requires rosters to be made up of only Legends and Flashback cards.  Read more

  • Teaser Trailer for NHL 18
    Posted June 7th, 2017 at 10:45 am 9 Comments »

    Noticeably absent from this year’s EA Play/E3 will be NHL 18. While NHL has generally always had some presence in the mid-June events this time around EA Sports is holding back anything substantial until the NHL Awards on June 21. To keep from being completely forgotten with everything else happening the company released a teaser trailer that gives practically nothing away but does potentially hint at a more arcade slant coming to the franchise.

    Please enable Javascript to watch this video

    NHL 18 won’t be transitioning to Frostbite this year, which almost certainly means there won’t be the introduction of a story mode, however many of the anticipated new features leaked months ago. The game will likely have added a 3-on-3 arcade mode, expansion in Franchise, and for gameplay a Defensive Skill Stick and teammate AI improvements.

  • FIFA on Nintendo Switch going without Frostbite and The Journey
    Posted June 6th, 2017 at 2:30 pm 16 Comments »

    Third parties already face an uphill battle selling on Nintendo hardware but putting out inferior products to those they also release on other systems plays a role as well. EA Sports is only releasing one game on the Nintendo Switch this year and it’ll be missing two of the most promoted features found on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Read more

  • New trailer for The Golf Club 2 goes into Career Mode and online features
    Posted June 6th, 2017 at 9:30 am 1 Comment »

    With just three weeks until The Golf Club 2 releases another trailer has released to take a look at some of the new features for the game. The Course Creator has taken much of the focus previously but now developer HB Studios is putting the spotlight on other areas such as Career Mode, Dynamic Societies, and online play.  Read more

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