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  • FIFA 17 will have a cinematic story mode
    Posted June 12th, 2016 at 11:45 am 4 Comments »

    FIFA 17

    EA Sports today announced a brand new cinematic-style story experience for FIFA 17. Given that EA began hiring for positions that included a “Narrative Designer” back in 2015 the news doesn’t come as a surprise but is very significant as it represents the first time in eight years that the company will be introducing a substantial new way to play in the FIFA series.

    The mode will be known as “The Journey” and involves starting as a 17-year-old in London who will choose a club in the English Premier League and try to work his way up the ranks, with the story adapting with the events that take place.

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  • The Line Drive for June 11
    Posted June 11th, 2016 at 11:15 am 6 Comments »


    The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

    ♦EA’s press conference is Sunday at 4ET/1PT. All the news and videos will be posted here on Pastapadre and on Sporting News plus special developer interview podcasts on Hit The Pass. Make sure to follow on Twitter for all sorts of info and updates!

    ♦What to expect and where to watch everything E3 and EA Play over the next five days.
    ♦What’s in MLB 16’s Ballin’ is a Habit card pack and a look at flashbacks that were added.
    ♦The majority of sports games are now basically going free-to-play late in their lifecycle.
    ♦The podcast with Madden NFL 17’s new commentary team can now be found on Youtube.
    ♦Review: Dangerous Golf offers lots of destruction but surprisingly little satisfaction.
    ♦FIFA 17 news: new gameplay engine, new cover stars, more Ultimate Team bonuses.
    ♦All versions of FIFA 17 are available for pre-order and 20% off to Amazon Prime members.
    ♦Pre-orders of NBA 2K17 are 20% off for Amazon Prime members including the $100 edition.
    ♦Pre-orders of Madden NFL 17 are live and 20% off for Amazon Prime members.
    ♦Image captured shows the New Miami Stadium renovation in Madden NFL 17.
    ♦Check out the first set of official screenshots for NHL 17.
    ♦EA Sports has started answering some of the questions submitted about NHL 17.
    ♦Blog goes over the various new ways to play in NHL 17.
    ♦Blog goes over the features to help you learn and improve in NHL 17.
    ♦Rocket League has now crossed the 16 million player mark which is remarkable.
    ♦More features coming in June include rare items and a trade-in system for Rocket League.
    ♦In advance of E3 Sony has released info on social features for Gran Turismo Sport.
    ♦Steam is having a sale on various PC soccer games through Monday morning.
    ♦Some of the new features coming to Xbox One this summer have been revealed.
    ♦Xbox Live Gold 12 month subscriptions are still on sale for $40 through Amazon.
    ♦Blu-ray releases this coming week include London Has Fallen and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

  • Details on June’s big Rocket League update
    Posted June 10th, 2016 at 11:30 am 1 Comment »

    Rocket League Neo Tokyo

    With everything from new modes that incorporate other sports like basketball and hockey to frequently released additional maps and cosmetic DLC, Rocket League’s post-release support has been unprecedented for a sports game. On June 20 yet another major free update is scheduled to release for the game.  Read more

  • MLB The Show 16 roster update details for week nine
    Posted June 10th, 2016 at 5:30 am No Comments »


    The latest roster update has just gone out for MLB The Show 16. In moving up 3 points to 87 Overall, Corey Seager is one of the big winners this week. He’s batting .283 with 14 HR on the year and has been given boosts of 14 to Clutch, 12 to Power vs Righties, and 6 to both Contact vs Lefties and Power vs Righties. The increases haven’t been limited to when he’s at the plate though, as he’s also gone up 9 in Arm Strength, 8 in Arm Accuracy, and 3 in Fielding.

    Evan Longoria has also received a 3 point increase and now stands at 86 Overall. He had a big month of May in which he hit .292 with 5 HR and 16 RBI and has gone up 9 in Contact vs Righties, 8 in Power vs Righties, and 4 in Plate Discipline.

    Adrian Gonzalez has taken the most significant hit the of the week to his ratings in going down 4 points to 83 Overall. He dropped 11 in Power vs Righties, 6 in both Contact vs Righties and Vision, and 3 in Power vs Lefties. While his average of .280 is about where he’s been the past few seasons in LA he only has 5 HR on the season. He did however receive a boost of 13 to Plate Discipline.

    Another big one to drop is Alex Rodriguez down 6 points to 77 Overall. He’s plummeted by 23 in Plate Discipline, 14 in Vision, 12 in Power vs Righties and 8 in Contact vs Righties. In limited plate appearances this season he’s struggled mightily to produce.

    Other notable movers include Josh Donaldson (-1 to 95), Jose Fernandez (+1 to 94), Noah Syndergaard (+1 to 94), Jon Lester (+2 to 90), Kris Bryant (+1 to 89), Matt Carpenter (+2 to 88), Chris Davis (-2 to 86), Drew Pomeranz (+3 to 85), Rich Hill (+2 to 85), Jonathan Villar (+4 to 83), Sam Dyson (+4 to 82), Michael Fulmer (+5 to 78), and Howie Kendrick (-5 to 72).

    New to the player pool in Diamond Dynasty are Postseason Adam Wainwright (99 Overall), Rookie Aroldis Chapman (92 Overall), Prime Victor Martinez (91 Overall), Prime Rajai Davis (87 Overall), and Rookie Joe Mauer (79 Overall).

  • E3 2016 Preview
    Posted June 9th, 2016 at 1:45 pm 8 Comments »


    The biggest event of the year for the gaming industry which always delivers new insight into the upcoming crop of sports games is almost here. E3 takes place next week with the big press conferences that precede the event happening on Sunday and Monday. Here’s the lineup for when everything is taking place, what to expect, and where to watch.  Read more

  • Details on presentation improvements in Madden 17 and new video on audio
    Posted June 8th, 2016 at 3:30 pm 13 Comments »

    Madden NFL 17 pylon cam

    Earlier today the new Madden NFL 17 commentary team of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis was announced. Now EA Sports has released a video featuring some of their announcing work with the game. Additionally, other improvements to presentation have been detailed, including pylon cams, multi-cam, and the increased presence of coaches.

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    Presentation Improvements

    Madden NFL 17 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 brings even more authenticity to Broadcast Presentation this year. From the beginning sequence of heading into game you will notice the “rock concert” feel that you see so often on real NFL Broadcasts.

    We aimed to immerse you from beginning to end with updated stadiums and jumbotrons from across the league – adding another layer to the look and authenticity of each venue. Broadcast and Presentation is all about getting you closer to the action and with our new lineups introduction you will see even more swagger and personality than ever before in Madden NFL 17. We’re able to do things that push the limits of what broadcast wishes it could do. Read more

  • Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are being replaced by a new commentary team in Madden NFL 17
    Posted June 8th, 2016 at 8:00 am 27 Comments »

    Madden NFL 17 Commentary Team - Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis

    After four years of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms it was definitely time for a shake-up to the announcer team in the Madden NFL series. The CBS duo is out and taking their place for Madden NFL 17 are Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis.

    Gaudin is known for his play-by-play work in college basketball with Georgia Tech and during the NCAA Tournament. Davis is an analyst for Fox Sports doing color commentary for NFL games after spending most of his broadcasting career in college football, and also frequently appears on NFL Network in the lead up-to-and-through the NFL Draft.

    It’s an unexpected and unconventional pairing but one that could work for Madden in the years ahead. The two were chosen after a year-long audition process for their availability, chemistry, and knowledge in teaching football fundamentals. They’ll also be recording new audio throughout the NFL season for live updates that will be applied to the game.

    In a new Press Row Podcast, Rich Grisham interviews Gaudin and Davis, who are also joined by Madden producer Christian McLeod.

  • NBA 2K16 now free with PlayStation Plus
    Posted June 7th, 2016 at 1:00 pm 6 Comments »

    NBA 2K16 All-Star Game Uniforms Toronto 2016

    Last week it was revealed that NBA 2K16 would be among the free games for June with PlayStation Plus subscriptions on PS4. Today the offering has gone active and is expected to be available through July 4. Those with PS+ can download the game and keep it for as long as they have an active subscription.

    Sports games have generally not been included in the free games program whether it be through Microsoft or Sony. That’s due in part to their limited cycle of relevance and need to maximize sales during that period, but also because there’s the EA Access program on XB1 pulling in the EA Sports games which the company won’t be giving to a competing subscription service. That leaves only a few options on the table.

    NBA 2K16 remains relevant as the NBA Finals have yet to even wrap up. Even with it releasing earlier than ever there’s still over three months until 2K17 arrives. Though the majority with heavy interest in the game may already own it, there will now be the opportunity to grab it for free and sell/trade-in those copies, and new players may end up spending money digitally within the game and/or buy 2K17.

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