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  • EA Sports Extends Partnership with Premier League and FIFA 15 Benefits Immediately
    Posted August 7th, 2014 at 9:45 am 4 Comments »


    In an announcement yesterday EA Sports confirmed an extension of the agreement with the Premier League as “official sports technology partners” and a few ways in which the company has taken advantage of the access for FIFA 15.

    All 20 Premier League stadiums will appear in the game, additional effort has been put into crafting the player likenesses, special broadcast presentation will attempt to replicate the television viewing experience, and audio has been captured from actual matches. In addition the new “Goal Decision System” makes its debut.  Read more

  • Complete Details on Connected Franchise Mode for Madden NFL 15
    Posted August 6th, 2014 at 11:15 am 77 Comments »


    After a long wait for information on Connected Franchise mode EA Sports today sent out full details and video going over the new features and improvements in Madden NFL 15. Typically Franchise is promoted early on in the marketing process but this year was held until late which created concern over how much work had been put into the mode.

    Please enable Javascript to watch this video

    The two biggest new additions are Game Prep and Confidence which were noted in the retailer product summary last week. Game Prep takes the place of practice, and Confidence replaces hot and cold streaks. Other changes include adding the IR-Designated to Return, new Pro Bowl team selection process, the ability to hire and fire staff during the season, streamlined process for spending points on improving player attributes, multiple commissioner control, and a new option for simming forward.  Read more

  • Madden NFL 15 Complete Player Ratings for Entire League
    Posted August 6th, 2014 at 9:45 am 13 Comments »


    Earlier this week EA Sports rolled out the player ratings in Madden NFL 15 for four divisions. The AFC and NFC East and West have now joined that group to complete the league. Check out the document with the entire league’s ratings here (the newly added divisions start at page 32).

    The Seahawks lead the way with the highest team rating in Madden at 91 and the 49ers are the only other NFC team to hit 90. They’re followed by the Cardinals (80) and Rams (77) in the NFC West. The Broncos are the only 90 rated team in the AFC and the Chargers (83), Chiefs (82), and Raiders (72) fill out the AFC West.

    In the NFC East it is the Eagles at the top (85) with the Cowboys (81), Giants (76), and Redskins (75) trailing. The AFC East has the Patriots (88) way out in front of the Dolphins (79), Jets (78), and Bills (75).

  • Crew Mode Returns – For Real This Time – With NBA 2K15 But Only Last-Gen Consoles
    Posted August 5th, 2014 at 4:45 pm 42 Comments »


    Last year 2K Sports announced the eagerly-anticipated return of Crew mode to NBA 2K14 on 360 and PS3. The mode had been stripped out after 2K11, without any sort of notification to fans, which created quite a bit of animosity. 2K did those people no favors however when it turned out “Crews” was nothing like the Crew mode they wanted back.

    Today the company announced proper “Crew” mode is returning in NBA 2K15 but only to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s fairly rare to see any yearly sports game release getting unique features on the old generation of consoles – most don’t even get talked about by the companies let alone improved significantly and added to – but that’s the case here. It’s a positive that 2K is treating them as complete new products rather than just dumping rehashes on the unsuspecting left behind with the same $60 price tag as the higher-profile releases.

    However the more hardcore crowd and those who have supported the series helping it reach the heights it’s at today are the ones seeking Crew and details on the game right now. The majority of those have moved on to the Xbox One and PS4 already making the announcement fall flat, and being baited into watching a livestream for 2K15 news that did not apply to them is yet another example of poor treatment of consumers through social media channels.

    The XB1/PS4 received “The Park” last year and that feature is likely to be expanded upon more in 2K15 if the first image the company released (above) and slogan for the 2K15 is any indication. Elements of Crew may be implemented but clearly The Park is more of the vision they have for competitively using created players going forward.

  • Top Rated Goalies and Defensemen in NHL 15
    Posted August 5th, 2014 at 1:45 pm 10 Comments »


    EA Sports has now begun the process of revealing player ratings for NHL 15. In similar fashion to Madden NFL 15, they’re doing it by showing off the top five at each position before moving on to complete rosters. The first two positions are the goalies and defensemen. The most glaring omission is probably P.K. Subban, who despite making it to the finals of the NHL 15 cover athlete selection process gets shut out of the top five.

    Henrik Lundqvist + Jonathan Quick (93), Carey Price + Tuukka Rask (92), Pekka Rinne (91)

    Shea Weber (93), Duncan Keith + Ryan Suter (92), Drew Doughty + Zdeno Chara (91)

  • Complete Madden NFL 15 Player Ratings for AFC and NFC North and South
    Posted August 4th, 2014 at 3:45 pm 11 Comments »


    EA Sports has released the complete base team rosters with player ratings for Madden NFL 15 from four of the divisions. A roster update will go out at release and another after the final 53 man rosters are set on August 31 and any shuffling is made in the lead-up to week one. However most player ratings are unlikely to change until the latter and even then there is some caution considered in making adjustments based on pre-season performance.

    Check out the full rosters for AFC and NFC North and South divisions here. The remaining divisions will be rolled out over the next two days.

    The Bengals lead the way in the AFC North with an 86 overall team rating followed by the Ravens (84), Steelers (78) and Browns (75).  In the AFC South it’s the Colts (83), Texans (76), Titans (74), and Jaguars (73).

    The NFC North is topped by the Packers (88) and trailed by the Bears (84), Lions (80), and Vikings (76). The NFC South is Saints (86), Panthers (84), Falcons (79), and Buccaneers (77).

  • Microsoft Announces Xbox One Bundle With Madden NFL 15
    Posted August 4th, 2014 at 10:45 am 18 Comments »


    With just three weeks until release Microsoft has unveiled yet another bundle for the Xbox One console and this one includes Madden NFL 15. For $400 it represents arguably the best value yet for an Xbox One and is well worth considering for anyone in the market for the system. Depending on how much individual importance was placed on Kinect the $450 Titanfall bundle had been the best deal until now.

    The bundle comes with the standard Xbox One (no Kinect included), a download code for Madden NFL 15, special edition Madden packaging, and three bonus Ultimate Team Pro Packs. It’s available now for pre-order at Amazon.

    With the recent announcement of EA Access a new consumer who buys this Madden bundle could subscribe to that soon after and get an early chance to play the upcoming games from the company (NHL 15, FIFA 15, NBA Live 15) and have immediate access to the games in the “Vault” (FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, and Peggle 2). That’s a pretty great way to start with a just purchased console that avoids having to shell out hundreds more on games at the same time.

  • MLB 14: The Show Post-Trade Deadline Roster Update Available Now
    Posted August 4th, 2014 at 10:15 am 1 Comment »


    SCEA today released the regular weekly roster update for MLB 14: The Show and this one stands out in magnitude due to the recent passing of the trade deadline. All the deals made last week are reflected in the new update.

    The A’s and Tigers bolster their already strong rotations by acquiring Jon Lester and David Price respectively. Yoenis Cespedes moves to the Red Sox, Austin Jackson to the Mariners, and John Lackey to the Cardinals. The injury to Cliff Lee is also handled in this update.  Read more

  • The Line Drive for August 3
    Posted August 3rd, 2014 at 11:45 am 1 Comment »


    The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

    ♦Make sure to get entries in for the latest giveaway as the winner is drawn this week!
    ♦2K Sports claims the first news on NBA 2K15 will arrive this coming week.
    ♦Screenshot released shows the new NBA basketball w/ Twitter handle in NBA Live 15.
    ♦Operation Sports has a strong article about the psychology behind card-collecting modes.
    ♦EA Sports announced they’ve lost licensing to Brazilian clubs heading into FIFA 15.
    ♦Check out the dominant rotations for the A’s and Tigers w/ MLB 14: The Show ratings.
    ♦An update has been released bringing improvements and fixes to OOTP 15.
    ♦OOTP 15 also now has a demo out providing an opportunity to try before buying.
    ♦EA Sports has completed a new set of transfers for Ultimate Team in FIFA 14.
    ♦EA Sports has released a new blog going over the “Vision AI” for NHL 15.
    ♦HB Studios has released a guide to the Sonoran Valley course in The Golf Club.
    ♦With lease expiring the Raiders are flirting w/ San Antonio as a relocation destination.
    ♦Check out the new alternate jerseys for Air Force that were just revealed.
    ♦Check out the new USA Basketball uniforms that were recently revealed.

    News and content that may have been missed from the last week around the site.

    ♦Blu-ray/DVD Releases This Week. Headlined by Divergent and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
    ♦Guardians of the Galaxy Opens Huge. $94 million weekend shatters August record.
    ♦Trailer for Battle of the Five Armies. The conclusion of The Hobbit trilogy.
    ♦Paul Feig Targeted to Direct Ghostbusters III. Will be female-led reboot.
    ♦Teaser Trailer for Mockingjay – Part 1. The next in The Hunger Games series.
    ♦Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. Footage stole the show at Comic-Con.

  • Top Rated Cornerbacks and Safeties in Madden NFL 15
    Posted August 2nd, 2014 at 11:00 am 10 Comments »


    The slow drip of player ratings for Madden NFL 15 is reaching its conclusion with the top five rated corners and safeties. Soon EA Sports will begin rolling out complete rosters by divisions with two expected each day. Richard Sherman joins Calvin Johnson and J.J. Watt as the 99 rated players to begin this season. The Seahawks also have the highest ranked strong safety and second highest free safety.

    Richard Sherman (99), Darrelle Revis (97), Joe Haden (95), Patrick Peterson (93), Vontae Davis (92)

    Free Safety
    Jairus Byrd (96), Earl Thomas (95), Devin McCourty + Eric Weddle (94), Charles Woodson (86)

    Strong Safety
    Kam Chancellor + Troy Polamalu (93), TJ Ward (91), Eric Berry (90), Reshad Jones (89)

    Previously Revealed
    Top 13 Rookies
    Top DT, MLB, OLB
    Top WR, TE, DE, OL
    Top QB and RB

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