NBA Street: Homecourt downloadable content only on the 360

Posted April 2nd, 2007 at 6:49 am

NBA Street: Homecourt downloadable content

While the debate over the positives and negatives of downloadable content in general continues, its clear that companies are still seeing it as a profitable venture that ultimately satisfies the majority.

NBA Street: Homecourt appears to be the latest example of a title taking full advantage of the opportunity to offer additional items following the release of the game. Currently only the themes and picture packs are available, however there are plans for much more.

The official site for the game offers some details on what to expect in the near future. It will include brand new courts with some being offered for free while others will cost MS points. We’ll also see legendary street characters and additional apparel.

Possibly the most interesting note comes from the site’s FAQ on downloadable content.

Is downloadable content available on any other platforms?
Presently, the Xbox 360 offers the largest amount of downloadable content and is the only option for downloadable content for NBA STREET Homecourt. However, both the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii do support various types of downloadable content, and EA will continue to pursue new and innovative ways to provide content to our customers.

It is unknown why only the 360 Marketplace would get the benefit of the content while the PS3’s PSN does not.

It could be technical issues that make it more difficult to do for the PS3. Remember the actual game was released two weeks after the 360’s version for such a reason. Another potential factor could be that the majority of Homecourt owners have the 360 version, making the cost of producing the content not worth the potential return. It may very well be a combination of those two reasons.

Regardless of why this is the case it presents another example of how the 360 version of multi-platform sports titles are currently offering a better experience than their PS3 counterparts.