Devin Hester for Madden 08 cover athlete

Posted April 4th, 2007 at 5:07 am

In the look at potential candidates for the cover of Madden 08 that I wrote up a while back, I mentioned Devin Hester as a darkhorse pick. While special teams may seem like an extremely unlikely choice to be represented on the cover, someone like Hester breaks out of that mold after a season in which he became a household name. Special teams in Madden is in dire need of improvement and he would present that focus well as the cover man. It would be hard to argue many players were more important to their team last year than Hester.



Take a look at these highlights for a good idea of the electricity and impact he brought to the Bears in 06. I think a little of that feeling has been missing from Madden the last couple years.