The OJ in 2K debate heats up

Posted May 17th, 2007 at 2:00 pm

All Pro Football

In the latest thoughts from Gamespot on All-Pro Football 2K8, the topic of OJ Simpson being in the game was addressed again. In fact it actually ended up the dominant topic. I wrote this article last week on the same issue.

More troubling than that who has been left out, however, is who is actually in the game. I’m speaking of O.J. Simpson, of course. When asked about Simpson’s appearance on the roster, Visual Concepts president Greg Thomas said his team was focused on what players did on the field, not off the field. As he put it, based on O.J.’s gridiron skills, “How could we not put [him] in the game?”

Well, that’s one way of looking at it. The way I see it, you could easily get away without Simpson in 2K8. I sure wouldn’t have missed him and, beyond some crazed Buffalo Bills fans, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be alone there. With legendary backs like Sweetness, Sanders, and Roger Craig already in there, I suspect Simpson’s absence would go practically unnoticed. Besides, regardless of how you feel about O.J., the guy carries way too much baggage, and his inclusion in the game–especially if he’s being paid for it–brings with it the wrong kind of publicity. I wish 2K would reconsider that choice.

As to the game? It’s not sounding all that great. Previously I mentioned how out of everyone who originally saw the trailer, no one actually said they were impressed with it. Sounds like it wasn’t just a coincidence.

First impressions of the trailer? The first though that ran through my head was “skinny”; as in some skinny player models. Granted, that’s because many of the segments from the trailer focused on longer, leaner receivers. As for the gameplay, the animations looked fine, particularly a bobbled catch that had a wideout scooping up a ball while falling to the ground on his back.

Not a very enthusiastic response. Coupled with the OJ controversy that may only become bigger and the already negative response to much of the news surrounding the game, things aren’t looking that bright for APF 2K8 at the moment.