More details on All-Pro Football 2K8 emerge

Posted June 1st, 2007 at 1:49 am

APF 2K8 Logo

In a podcast from 1up on May 31st, APF 2K8 was touched upon after some time checking out the game. Some of the information that was laid out:

11 legends is the maximum per team, the rest are generic players.

The legends are broken into three tiers. Gold, Silver, and Bronze. There is a max per tier you can have on your team. 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze.

There is some level of customization to generic players. Without having player ratings in the game though it will likely just be things like names and accessories.

The weather will play a big part in the games. Not just visually but in how it effects the play on the field.

Online tournaments and leagues are included.

The game will be released in mid-July.

I have to wonder how the legends who got shuffled into the silver and bronze categories feel about that. It seems that 2K is going to say certain legends are better than the others. Sorry to those who are deemed just as bronze worthy.

Without player ratings it’ll be interesting to see how you determine who is good at what, and just how good they are at it.

I’m somewhat surprised that the only aspects mentioned for online play are leagues and tournaments. It seemed that a lot of people figured they’d be doing some more unique things online but thats the same old same old for 2K. What would be even better is if they got their leagues to actually work.

The release date confirms earlier speculation based on website listings. It looks more and more like it’ll be in stores on Tuesday July 17th.

At least some more is being coming out on this game which has seemed to be hidden for quite a while now. 2K still needs to make the release date official and then hopefully some looks at the game in the form of screenshots and videos will find their way out.