All-Pro Football 2K8 screenshot?

Posted June 2nd, 2007 at 5:10 pm

The following image has emerged on the Operation Sports message board. It was not released by 2K Sports so the authenticity is not verified. Click the thumbnail for the full screen.

Jerry Rice APF 2k8

First of all the screenshot may be real or it may not. However leaning towards the side of it being legit it certainly looks good. However the general lack of excitement coming from the media sites that saw the trailer makes you wonder if the game looks that good all around or if it could just be they have concentrated time to make great player faces especially on their featured ones like Jerry Rice above.

It should be interesting to get the full perspective of the graphics, which as mentioned earlier were apparently nothing to brag about in the trailer they showed off and didn’t look very hot in the Game Informer preview.