30 new screenshots from All-Pro Football 2K8

Posted June 19th, 2007 at 11:26 am
All-Pro Football 2K8 31

***As of the afternoon on June 20th, GamingAge has removed all of the screenshots that they had posted. No explanation has been given.***

GamingAge has released a new preview of APF 2K8 as well as 30 new screens of the game.

The preview doesn't really offer up anything that hasn't already been covered. One note that seems to be news though is that created players are considered legends and go into the legend pool. Selecting a created player for your team will take up one of the 11 legend slots.

They also make the comment in reference to not being allowed to design a logo that "with online play and no way to police what images some degenerates might want to put on a helment, it's no surprise the options have been limited". Of course that isn't true, there are ways to monitor inappropriate designs. Such is being done with Forza 2 and there are several different options that could be considered. 

Really there is one thing that stands out of all these. Jerry Rice looks incredibly odd. You almost get this awkward feeling just looking at those shots of him. On the other end of things Joe Montana and Mike Singletary look better. The player models don't seem to be as thin (outside of Rice) in this group of screens.

Click the link here to head over and view all of the images. 

In particular I'm curious what is happening here. The crowd…um…