Latest screens from NBA Live 08

Posted June 24th, 2007 at 2:10 pm

Four new screenshots were recently released for NBA Live 08. Click the thumbnails below to view the full size images.

NBA Live 08 TJ Ford  NBA Live 08 Antawn Jamison

NBA Live 08 Tony Parker  NBA Live 08 Paul Pierce

The darkened crowd has been a topic of discussion surrounding the Live screens that have been released so far. At this point that is done to keep the 60fps going strong. Throughout development details such as lighting will be tweaked with. It is very early in the dev cycle and something like this isn't out of the ordinary considering the circumstances.

Overall visually the game is looking pretty good. That wasn't the problem with Live 07 though, so hopefully the gameplay work that they have been concentrating on will be apparent when playing the game this week at the community day event.