Looking at reviews for The Bigs

Posted June 26th, 2007 at 11:09 pm
The Bigs: David Ortiz 2

With The Bigs releasing on Tuesday, what I had planned was to summarize the important parts of the reviews however I don't have a chance to do that at the moment. So for the time being I'll just compile all the reviews here. Once I return home I plan on playing this game hard and putting out a review of my own. It actually makes me anxious that I'm not there to play the game as I've been looking forward to it for quite a while.

So far it looks like the game delivers what it hoped to and that is simply a fun experience. The general reaction across various message boards has been positive for the PS3/360 versions. That doesn't really come as a surprise to me, the question will be whether it can sustain interest as "arcade" type games tend to not have the same longevity. The Rookie Challenge and potentially strong online play could help in that regard.

With a demo that was mentioned to come this week, along with the positive response thus far, hopefully more people give it at least that much of a chance.


IGN: 8.3

1UP: 8.5

Gamespot: 8.0 

TeamXbox 8.4 


IGN: 7 

Gamespot: 7