What to expect from E3

Posted July 7th, 2007 at 3:10 pm

Running July 10th-13th, the revised E3 structure will provide for a different experience this year. It should lead to more detailed coverage from the media sites. Sony/MS/Nintendo and the game developers will be able to relay their messages in a stronger and more focused fashion. On the other hand it will probably mean less in the way of impressions from individuals. The changes to how the event is coordinated will frustrate those who are attending, but for everyone at home it probably isn't going to matter all that much. Both Microsoft and Sony will be pouring content related to E3 onto the 360 Marketplace and Playstation Network.

So what will this coming week bring? For the titles that are being presented at the event there should be a variety of things such as videos, hands-on impressions and news on features, themes, gamer pictures, and demos.

As for the football demos, don't be surprised if one or both of them only come out on the 360 following the news of the PS3 versions running at only 30fps. Look for them to show up most likely on Wednesday the 11th or Thursday the 12th.

2K Sports

On display at E3: All-Pro Football 2K8, NBA 2K8, NHL 2K8

Demos expected: All-Pro Football 2K8 

Overview: It would make sense to have the cover athletes for NBA and NHL 2K8 officially announced prior to or during the event. Chris Paul has been chosen for NBA, however the NHL selection is still unknown. So far all we know about NHL 2K8 is that it will have signature styles. Nothing for NBA 2K8 has come out to this point. So plenty of important info on those two should be revealed this week.

EA Sports

On display at E3: Madden 08, Nascar 08, NBA Live 08, NCAA Football 08, Tiger Woods 08

Demos expected: NCAA Football 08

Overview: As always EA will have a strong presence. They'll saturate the media with trailers and videos for these games and there will be plenty of write-ups on them. How much more is there to learn about these titles though?


On display at E3: NBA 08

Demos expected: Unknown

Overview: Being the only sports game on display from Sony it should be given a decent amount of attention. Some of the details on the game have already been released, so they're in between what NBA 2K8 has out (none) and NBA Live has out (a lot). Crazy pastapadre prediction ahead: They'll talk about the sixaxis controls.