EA Sports to make another NFL licensed game

Posted July 10th, 2007 at 5:12 pm

EA Sports announced that they will be developing a brand new officially licensed game, NFL Tour. It will be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

NFL Tour is a new NFL licensed video game that offers players a fun and engaging experience with the NFL and its talented players. Gamers will be able to embark on a fictional NFL road show. With real NFL players as teammates, players will travel across the country to play against each of the NFL teams in newly designed stadiums. As players defeat each of the NFL squads, they come one step closer to winning a NFL contract. "We are extremely excited about our new arcade football game, NFL Tour, which will provide players with a brand new exciting football experience," said Executive Producer Dale Jackson. "NFL Tour is a fun, action-packed football game that will appeal not only to football enthusiasts, but also to casual gamers."

This is another move to help justify the cost of the NFL license. It will go along Madden of course, but there is also NFL Head Coach. EA has yet to comment on the future of that game.

It appears this could be replacing NFL Street, as its target release date is January 2008 which is the same month that the Street game has released in previous years. It also is being developed under the same EA BIG label.

2K Sports has gone a similar route with the MLB license, continuing their "sim" franchise MLB 2K and creating a brand new "arcade" style game The BIGS.

Click here to visit the official website for NFL Tour. As of now it includes a trailer, link to the press release, and a newsletter sign-up.