Off to the Madden Community Event

Posted August 8th, 2007 at 4:23 am
Madden 08 Redskins 6

I'm heading out now to make the long journey to the Tiburon Studio in Orlando for the Madden 08 Community Event. I'll be checking in whenever I can such as stops in airports and when I'm at the hotel. So the site will continue to be updated at various times each day. You can also check the forum where I'll drop notes on my current status throughout.

Check the site for the first report from the event which should include solid impressions, pics, and videos very late on Thursday evening/early Friday morning. I should then be returning with my copy of the game on Friday and will create postings for taking questions or requests, begin my Superstar mode, and provide full online impressions.

*Update (Thurs morning): Headed to the studio now for 12 straight hours of Madden!*