Details on planned demo for NHL 08

Posted August 26th, 2007 at 6:29 pm
NHL 08

In a posting from NHL 08 Producer David Littman on the game's official website he goes over the details of the upcoming demo. Although it isn't specified when the demo will be out, in all likelihood it will be about one week before release for the 360 and not until sometime after release for the PS3.

Demo Logistics

– 5 on 5
– Ottawa vs. Anaheim – 3rd period (If tied, will go to a shootout) – Pro Difficulty (Default difficulty in NHL 08) We decided to make it Pro so the most amount of people can play and have fun with it Don't worry though…the pro mode A.I. is 10x better than 07's Superstar mode A.I.

Differences between Pro and All-Star / Superstar are:
1.) Easier to score goals
2.) CPU won't attack as much / you'll be able to skate into the slot more than in All-Star or Superstar
3.) Stick on stick collisions are turned off meaning that you can stick handle in traffic better
4.) The A.I. will still play good position and still have a pretty good offense, but I do expect you guys to be winning this period, so by the time we ship you're ready for All-Star

– You can start practicing setting up in the offensive zone, slap passes, screen shots, 1 on 1 dekes, and playing positional defense.
– No online, no create plays, or goalie mode