Problems with EA Sports World persist

Posted August 28th, 2007 at 2:53 pm

EA Sports World

One of the most significant additions to the future of sports gaming has been through the new EA Sports World site. While this appears to be the hub for all sorts of new online features (uploading videos/photos, statistical tracking, leagues and more) it has been plagued by problems since launching alongside NCAA Football 08 back in July.

Some of the issues faced thus far have been login problems, users unable to match their EA names to their EASportsWorld account, the site being down/slow, and aspects of the site not fully implemented or working.

With NCAA the biggest problems came from how many people (especially on the PS3) had login or account matching issues. With Madden the online play stats have not transferred onto the profiles on the site as they are supposed to. In addition to those things the site has proven to be unreliable. Even simple things like having direct links to profiles or a password reminder/reset were omitted.

Today it seems the site is not logging anyone in. It just hangs on “processing please wait” message. Not coincidentally it is Tiger Woods 08 release day. That means currently those people who are hoping to use their photo to create a Game Face are out of luck. I have contacted EA and hope to have some sort of response to this situation shortly.

Obviously with “BETA” slapped on the banner this is still a work in progress and EA doesn’t want to guarantee anything about it. However that doesn’t abolish them from the responsibility to have features that have been advertised for their titles available and working properly.

Update 8/29: I have received word that EA is aware that the site is not functioning and that they are working to get it back up and running. Unfortunately there is no word on when to expect it to be fixed.

And another day goes by that those who purchased Tiger Woods 08 can’t utilize advertised functions of the game…