Photo Face still unavailable for Tiger Woods 08

Posted September 2nd, 2007 at 12:39 pm

EASW sorry

Updating previous articles on 8/30 and 8/28, the EA Sports World site is still not functioning thus preventing consumers from utilizing the Photo Face feature in Tiger Woods 08.

There is now a new message that states the max number of connections has been exceeded. Occasionally I have been able to log in, however the process of creating a photo face has never completed. It is amusing seeing commercials advertising the feature and Tiger Woods promoting it even though it hasn’t worked since the game has been officially released.

Making things even worse in this situation is that when the EASportsWorld site goes down it affects all other games that use the site. Those who wish to upload screenshots and video clips from NCAA Football or anyone who wants to look in on their online Madden stats and results are out of luck.

Still no word on when to expect the site to work properly. It should be a concern that NHL 08 releases in a little over a week. How much that game will use EA Sports World is unknown although it is expected to in some capacity.