March Madness 08 release date uncertainty

Posted October 8th, 2007 at 4:32 pm

March Madness 08One thing that remains up in the air is the release date for March Madness 08. Prior indications have been that it will be released in December. Gamestop/EB has the date as Tuesday 12/18.

However today a press release came out that touted EA’s Holiday lineup of games. March Madness was not included while other upcoming games set to hit stores in November and December were.

So does this mean that March Madness 08 may not be out until January? It could be a sign of that, or possibly it was just omitted from the release for some reason or another. I’ll see if I can get any additional information on the planned release date of the game.

(Update): The game appears to be on track for the December 18th release date.