Backbreaker tech clips and developer diary

Posted October 19th, 2007 at 3:05 pm


IGN has posted up a few new items for Backbreaker, the new football game coming from NaturalMotion. Included are three technical videos featuring the game’s tackling physics and a developer diary that talks more about the tackling and what you are seeing in the vids.

In many places Backbreaker is being viewed as more of a tech demo than a game. These short clips will reinforce that feeling somewhat. Eventually there will have to be more to the game than just tackling, even if it seems destined to become an Xbox Live Arcade / PSN downloadable game given the info that has come out about it.

After a couple months of Madden, I’ve had enough fumbling, so it is ironic to see it happening on seemingly every hit in these clips.

Continue on to view the videos.