FIFA 08 online team play download nearing release

Posted October 24th, 2007 at 1:19 am


In an interview at with producer Joe Booth, the Be a Pro mode is discussed including the downloadable update that will allow for any combination up to the five on five online play.

This update had been targeted to come out 6-8 weeks following release of the game. However it now appears that it is going to be here early.

Be A Pro: Online Team Play is going to be downloaded content released in late October/early November. When you log-on through your console on that date the game will tell you this mode is now ready to download, and most importantly, it is going to be free.

In the interview he goes on to detail how different the game feels when played through that mode.

I’ve been playing FIFA a long time but to be able to play with a group of friends – and you have to organize yourself well – is a very different experience. The Offline Training helps you understand what your responsibilities are in the game but it is not until you get in that live situation where you have your teammate shouting at you that it really starts to replicate the pressure of a real-world game. It is really cool.

And that is something that I definitely agree with after playing co-op with The BIGS. It is a totally different experience when you have to rely on teammates and they on you. I know a lot of people worry about ball hogs or various forms of troublemakers being on their team but when you have a good group of people together it will really take it to another level. You feel a certain level of pressure not to screw up because you don’t want to let your teammates down and take flak for it later. This mode should be a lot of fun, and if it works properly with minimal to no lag, I’m certain it will be received very well.