Online Team Play for 360 FIFA 08 is out

Posted November 8th, 2007 at 1:04 pm


EA has announced that the downloads for FIFA 08 online Be a Pro mode and NBA Live 08 online team play have arrived for the Xbox 360! These are completely free and allow for five on five over 10 consoles on both games. The PS3 will receive these modes later this month.

When you start up the games they will prompt you with an auto-update. Through this patch is how you receive the new mode.

The FIFA download is already available, however the Live one has not yet appeared. I am waiting on the latest information on that and will update as soon as I have it.

Update 11/12: It seems that despite the press release and announcement on the official website, the Live OTP is still awaiting approval from Microsoft.

Be A Pro: Online Team Play in FIFA Soccer 08 enables up to five friends on five different consoles to select and take control of their own individual players on the same team, supported by AI teammates, to play against up to five rivals playing on five different consoles of another team. You can choose to play as a single, fixed player the entire game, with free roaming players, or teams can have a combination of both. Anyway you choose to play, Be A Pro: Online Team Play challenges you to master the same disciplines as a real soccer player—from positioning and tackling to reading the field and passing.

In NBA LIVE 08 all 10 players on the floor can now be controlled by individual users on 10 different consoles, removing the use of artificial intelligence altogether. Player movement, decision making and game outcome can now be completely dependant on how you play as an online team, bringing you closer to a real life game of basketball than ever before. This new game mode enables any number of players from one to five on different consoles to connect and play online against another team of up to five players on five different consoles. The CPU will take control of any players not controlled by users.

Here is some other info that had been released regarding how it works. Look for a full write-up and possibly some videos of the mode in action tonight!