March Madness 08 gets $10 price reduction

Posted November 11th, 2007 at 5:06 pm


A little over a week ago I posted news on how NFL Tour had seen a lowering of its price from $60 to $50. After citing the comments of CEO John Riccitiello I pondered whether we were seeing the start of a trend for EA. However with it being the first instance it was too early to say for sure. Tour is a brand new game looking to gain traction and potentially build into a new franchise. It was something to keep an eye on though with future EA Sports releases.

The positive news continues as it appears that March Madness 08 will join NFL Tour with the reduced price. Gamestop/EB now lists the PS3/360 versions with a “price drop” of $10 to $49.99 and Amazon has it at the lower price as well (among other retailers who have followed). Also of note is the price of the PS2 version has been dropped to $29.99.

This move makes sense in that March Madness is going to hit the market weeks after College Hoops 2K8 and would look to position itself for a strong week or two heading into Christmas. The lower price makes it more enticing to those who will have already picked up 2K8 or are making a decision between the two during that period. It is a crowded marketplace with a ton of great game releases this holiday season so the price adjustment will help in that regard making it a little easier to justify the purchase.