GameShow Night winner and answers

Posted November 20th, 2007 at 1:30 am

EA GameShow

As announced last night on air, the winner of the EA GameShow night trivia contest is headhunter239. He will receive his very own GameShow t-shirt.

Eight straight hours is a long time but it was a lot of fun. Thanks go out to the GameShow hosts who over the past several days have talked about the contest and for making the shows really entertaining to listen to.

You can read the questions and answers with notes on some of them by continuing on.

Question 1: Who had the most overall wins over the eight hours?

1) FloridaPerson (a surge in the final hour put him at nine wins to my eight)

2) whym0024

3) pastapadre

4) JamarioMoon

Question 2: What store has ‘E’ been shopping at lately?

1) Costco

2) Wal-Mart

3) Ikea

4) PetSmart

Question 3: Who had the highest score in a lightning round (30 questions)?

1) pastapadre

2) JamarioMoon (48104 edged out my 48000)

3) snakaya9

4) FloridaPerson

Question 4: The “Full Circle” session began and ended with a question about what NFL player?

1) Clinton Portis (I know…a shocker that it isn’t Tom Brady or somehow Patriots related)

2) Brian Urlacher

3) Tom Brady

4) Jeff Garcia

Question 5: What option won the poll asking which team in the NHL’s Southeast Division is the best?

1) Lightning

2) Hurricanes

3) Panthers

4) None of the above (leading to Bower questioning what the point of the polls were then)

Question 6: Georgia mascot Uga dropped in for a visit but had trouble getting out the door. According to ‘E’ what did he do to get the door open?

1) Whimpered

2) Began the process of urination

3) Pooped on it (this is about as self-explanatory as it gets)

4) Barked at it

Question 7: Who had the highest score in a standard round (15 questions)?

1) FloridaPerson

2) edwalinski

3) skm_cred

4) demitra38 (34047)

Question 8: ‘Sweet Nasty’ Chris Cause talked about the recent success of his teams from what city?

1) Indianapolis

2) Phoenix

3) Boston

4) Dallas

Question 9: What director was focused on for a pop culture round?

1) Martin Scorsese

2) Tony Scott

3) George Lucas

4) Steven Spielberg

Question 10: One of the poll questions asked which player between Chad Johnson, Clinton Portis, Terrell Owens, and Ray Lewis is today’s best quote machine. But which player that is not amongst those four was said to have the most microphones around him these days?

1) Brett Favre

2) Tom Brady

3) Peyton Manning

4) LaDainian Tomlinson

Question 11: Bower can’t stand Leonardo Dicaprio and what?

1) Girls

2) Guns

3) Airplanes (which is why he won’t watch The Aviator)

4) Fruit

Question 12: What seemingly random basketball player was noted as showing up in a surprising amount of questions?

1) Greg Anthony

2) Kendall Gill

3) Rony Seikaly

4) Mark Madsen

Question 13: What movie had the most audio quotes played throughout the evening?

1) Dodgeball

2) Zoolander

3) Boogie Nights

4) Anchorman

Question 14: What was the longest streak of overall wins?

1) 2

2) 3 (Florida Person won 3 straight in the final hour. Before that there had been six times someone won back to back)

3) 4

4) 5

Question 15: According to ‘E’ which of these cities didn’t have a turdhole/terdhole/turdwhole?

1) Denver

2) Dallas

3) San Diego

4) San Francisco (it’s a long story)

(Tiebreaker) How many total points did pastapadre score today over the course of 27 total sessions (6 lightning, 21 standard): 825,251