Getting time in with NFL Tour

Posted December 14th, 2007 at 10:30 am


I have arrived in New York for the NFL Tour event where I’ll have the opportunity to get some hands-on time with the game, discussion with producer Phil Frazier, and a chance to chat with Trey Wingo who does the commentary for the game.

While I’m out here the site will continue to be updated though it may come more in bunches than at different times throughout the day. Look for my initial impressions of the game to come by early Monday morning although I may have something sooner than that.

Continue on to see the full list of questions that I will be looking to find out. Feel free to leave any comments with additional things about the game that you would like me to attempt to get answered.

Why was the decision made to move away from the NFL Street franchise and
come up with a brand new concept of NFL Tour?

What kind of benefits came with creating Tour on the 360 and PS3?

Does the game run at 60fps on both the 360 and PS3?

With seven-on-seven these are generally the best players from
each team. So how are they differentiated on the field? What differences
can be seen between the good players and the great ones? What type of
ratings categories are there?

With the game centered on controlling “yourself” through the Tour, the
player creation and editing options would be important. How detailed are those?

One thing that has frustrated me over the past few years is how
complicated the controls have gotten and how overwhelmed I am at times by
the number of options and combinations that have to be made in such a
short period of time. How do the controls match-up for Tour and can you
change them to your liking?

An aspect of “arcade” style games that I’ve really started to enjoy
lately is how they seem to incorporate an element of both strategy and
“simulation” gaming. What kind of strategy and decision making arises when
playing Tour?

The reversal system sounds interesting but we haven’t really seen anything
on it. What is it all about and how will people respond to it?
Is the idea that full control over everything that happens
something that would benefit most sports games or does it just
seem to fit in really well with the style that Tour presents?

What are the playbooks be like? Do they differentiate by team? Is there a
mix of type of plays or are they all pretty basic and uniform?

Why are the teams not balanced with their rosters? Some teams have two QBs while others have one. Some teams have four WRs but some have only two. How does that affect play on the field and the playbooks?

Will there be any different uniform options or will it only be the shirts
that have been seen in the screenshots?

How many cities are represented with their own home fields?

Can you discuss the mini-games that are included alongside the main Tour

Mention was made that you may be able to take your created player through
Tour and them transfer him into Madden 09. Is that going to be possible?

What will the online options be? Can you take your created player online?
Will there be a form of online co-op? How about the mini-games?