Full game of NFL Tour (H2H): Eagles vs Browns

Posted January 8th, 2008 at 2:02 pm


Here is a game played against a buddy of mine. He took the Eagles and I went with the Browns. Cleveland is one of my favorite teams in the game, and the Eagles are one of the best as well making this a really good match-up. The game really opens up when you play against another person, and the added element of trash talk makes it that much more fun.

The game we played prior to this one (but didn’t record) was a classic. Through about 60 games played I had never completed a successful user strip which is done by hitting Y on the 360. I hadn’t attempted to do it all that much, but when I had it never seemed to work so I just stopped trying somewhere along the way. So in this game I had scored to cut the deficit to four but there was only 11 seconds left. On his first play and attempting to run the clock out, he pitched to his RB he went to the outside and I went for the tackle. The RB dragged my player, but as I told him before the play I was going to try to strip the ball. All of the sudden he fumbled as my player ripped the ball right out of his hands. Then with only one second remaining I threw into the corner of the end zone for the game winning TD. Definitely the most improbable ending to a game I had seen yet, and I got to label him as a choker because of it.

So this Eagles vs Browns game presented him the chance at redemption. Continue on to view the full game broken down by half.

NFL Tour: Browns vs Eagles 1H from pastapadre on Vimeo.

NFL Tour: Eagles vs Browns H2 from pastapadre on Vimeo.