NFL Tour Online Tournament

Posted January 10th, 2008 at 1:21 pm


I am hoping to organize an NFL Tour Online Tournament for the Xbox 360 on the evening of Friday January 11th. If a date next week works better for the majority of people it can be switched until then. However in the meantime we’ll shoot for tomorrow night.

The tournament will be made up of up to 16 participants and will begin at 9pm ET/6pm PT. Because NFL Tour games go by so quickly (most end up being about 10-15 minutes) the potential time commitment would not be that great. You would need to plan to have at the most two hours free.

The prize for winning the tournament is a March Madness 08 cover autographed by Kevin Durant along with a copy of the game for the 360.

The winner of the tournament will also then have the opportunity to play me for the right to win a small bonus prize. This game will be recorded and posted on the site following its completion along with the complete results of the tournament.

In order to be considered please send me an email with information such as your name, Gamertag, assurances that you’ll show up and be available for approximately 1-2 hours beginning at 6pm PT on Friday night (or a better night next week if you can’t make it), and your top four choices of team to use.

I will post an update with the finalized date/time, game rules/settings, and tournament bracket early on Friday.

Update: Looking for at least one, but also could be three or five more entrants. Currently have 11. Feel free to send me an email with your information if you’d like to participate and I will get back to you by early afternoon with the latest.