College Hoops 2K8 patch released

Posted January 18th, 2008 at 4:28 pm


While the news has certainly been rough on fans of the College Hoops series this week, there is one positive piece of news for those playing 2K8. Thanks to a posting over at Operation Sports we have the list of what is included in the patch that was released today for the PS3 (the patch has since been released for the 360 as well).

Continue on to view the full list of issues that the patch will address.

  • Ivy League issue that allowed the same team to go to the tournament regardless of record has been fixed
  • Double teams no longer force too many turnovers
  • Dunk Standing attribute for recruits has been fixed
  • Lineups now reset correctly after injuries
  • Substitutions in made in Coach Mode will now work without having to make them on the pause menu
  • Quick Stats in Coach’s Clipboard now correctly reflect team statistics
  • Using inappropriate names when editing players now works correctly
  • AI defenders will now attempt to steal slightly more often
  • Slow guys are now slower when shuffling side to side on defense
  • Starters are now checked back into the game after halftime
  • Contact animation that forced a block too often has been removed
  • Inside shots now fall at a higher percentage
  • Camera lock now works as intended in multi-player games
  • 6th Man Meter now shows up for both teams when playing on a neutral court in Quick Game
  • “Ohhhhh” cheer has been added back into the game when home team is on defense
  • Dunk sounds now work for all dunks
  • PA volume can now be turned down or off, which includes music heard in ABL games
  • Turning 6th Man Advantage OFF now turns off ALL affects of 6th Man Advantage
  • Recruit caliber for underclassmen has been tuned to have less 5 stars. World player calibers have been tuned.
  • Tournament field in College Hoops Classic now has correct teams
  • CBE tournament in Legacy mode has been corrected to have correct teams face each other in 2nd round
  • 2nd Round tournament locations have been fixed in Pontiac Tournament Mode (as well as Legacy)