Downloadable content being prepared for MM08

Posted January 24th, 2008 at 9:20 am


Last year March Madness had the well received “Selection Sunday Bracket Pack” downloadable content that included the official 65 team bracket with accurate seedings for tournament play, the Final Four court, and updated team ratings. That went for a very reasonable 250 MS points (approximately $3). There hasn’t been specific news yet regarding a “Bracket Pack” this year but it seems likely that it will be done again.

What I have found out is that an authentic arena is going to be added to 08 via downloadable content and that it will be free. It should be available prior to the tournament in March. One of the following schools will have their arena added to the game: USC, Virginia, Oregon, Arkansas, Purdue, or Georgia Tech.

The decision is being made through an online voting process. Visit the official website for the game to vote for your choice!