First NCAA Football 09 screenshots

Posted March 7th, 2008 at 8:44 am


EA Sports has released the first two screenshots from NCAA Football 09 showing off Xbox 360 cover athlete Darren McFadden. Of course McFadden won’t even be in the game but they have featured him here to coincide with the cover announcement.

I did email in to get confirmation that these are official 09 screens released by EA (they are). They just aren’t all that impressive and I wondered at first if they were legit. If you go back to the first two screens of 08 which had Jared Zabransky and Vanderbilt vs Tennessee those actually looked better than these. I can’t say it concerns me at all though. They’re just early screenshots and last year the game was strong graphically and should be just as solid again this year. Check out the images by clicking the thumbnails below.

ncaafootball0903071.jpg ncaafootball0903072.jpg