NBA Live OTP night eight

Posted March 7th, 2008 at 7:00 am

Pastapadre NBA Live 08 OTP Night

Another NBA Live 08 OTP night is set for Saturday beginning at 5PT/8ET. You can meet up in the pastapadre custom lobby room or if I see you on my friends list playing Live and not in the middle of another game I’ll generally send out an invite as well. The first game starts up minutes after the meet-up time with the invites for the second game going out after the completion of the first (once I’ve written down the stats).

With the roster update out we’ll get in a couple games with teams that have completely different looks following the trade deadline deals. Bulls @ Cavs followed by Nets @ Mavericks will be the matchups. I’m also now in the process of having the OTP night with NBA Live producers coordinated so hopefully soon I’ll be able to give a date and time on that.