MLB 2K8 pitching poll

Posted March 10th, 2008 at 3:59 pm


One of the biggest topics in regards to MLB 2K8 has been the revamping of the pitching mechanics. Total Control Pitching rests solely on the right analog gestures and the timing of release.

I think 2K had the best of intentions with this and appreciate the effort that was put into it. However the motions have to be so precise and even being off just slightly can be devastating. The whole concept of the “Meatball” is flawed and ultimately that is the cause of most concern. A pitch that is off even slightly will end up in the strike zone and will be crushed if any contact is made. There are times where it doesn’t reflect the actual motion that was completed which is frustrating. I’ve also found that it is easier to do some motions (curveball, slider) than the ones that are supposed to be the most basic (fastball, changeup).

Even after learning the system and becoming comfortable with it I have continued to struggle as the CPU or user opponent hits an inordinate amount of home runs and doubles. Take the game online with the lag issues and the problems with the system are magnified.

I’ve likened it to the Madden Vision Cone in that it was meant to be sim feature but ultimately wasn’t necessary and just made the game more complicated and less enjoyable. Now I feel as if I’m throwing not pitching. The main concern has become to avoid the “Meatball” and not to pitch a good game. The complete overhaul of the pitching just wasn’t necessary to begin with but it was an interesting concept. If the rest of the game flowed better, the hitting system improved, and the “Meatball” wasn’t an automatic HR or 2B I may have felt completely differently though.

So what do you think of Total Control Pitching? Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments.