A couple March Madness 08 notes

Posted March 12th, 2008 at 4:02 am


EA is holding an online tournament with March Madness 08 which will take place on Tuesday March 18th. The prize to the winner will be an autographed Dick Vitale basketball. For details and to sign up to participate click here.

With the voting on which of the six new areans will be offered as a free download closing off, there is that to go along with the likely Bracket Pack (although nothing has officially been stated on that as of yet) to look forward to on the downloadable content front. Last year the Bracket Pack was released on the Tuesday following Selection Sunday, which if the same holds true this year would slate it for the 18th as well. 

That pack represented possibly the best value out of downloadable content for a sports game thus far and the response was overwhelmingly positive. So hopefully they are bringing it back again after the tournament field is announced on Sunday.