Tecmo Bowl 2008 platform uncertainty

Posted March 22nd, 2008 at 7:39 am

Tecmo Bowl 2008 was announced back in May of last year however since there has essentially been no follow up at all. Even where it’s headed is in question as the only hint they gave at the time was how it would “probably not be on the platform that you’re expecting”.

In the January issue of EGM it was reported that the game was being made for the 360 and PS3. Now though the same publication is suggesting that it will be a Wii title. So once again we are back at square one wondering what the game is being developed for. Considering it is supposed to be out sometime this year you’d imagine that they’d want to establish that at some point and end the speculation. I get the sense that very few people even know that a new Tecmo Bowl is in the works.

It could be fun on the Wii although I don’t think it would get the same fanfare that it would have on the other two consoles. Most of the people who grew up playing the game have moved on to the more advanced 360 or PS3. It would have the potential to be a complimentary title to Madden and NCAA in a way that All-Pro Football was unable to capitalize on. Being on the Wii I just don’t believe it would garner anywhere near the same level of interest especially since it won’t have the NFL license and there would probably be less opportunity for extensive customization (if any at all) there.