Live blog during the NFL Draft

Posted April 25th, 2008 at 3:14 pm

I’ve mentioned on a few occasions that I’ll be live blogging during the draft on a number of subjects and anything else that happens to come up. From posting the Madden 09 rookie screenshots and pointing to other additions to the Madden draft site, some general thoughts on what is known so far about Madden & NCAA 09 (again I can’t speak to the hands-on time until 5/2), to draft reaction, I’ll be updating it on a regular basis throughout the day. It’ll all start up right as the draft begins at 3et/12pt and run through the first round. Be sure to leave any comments and I’ll post responses to some of them throughout the day.

Also Jon Robinson @ Gametap has posted an interview with Madden 09 producer Phil Frazier which you can check out here. It contains a good deal of new information delving deeper into some of the new features and improvements that will be found in the game this year.