More NCAA Football 09 online dynasty talk

Posted May 10th, 2008 at 3:10 am

Through numerous recent previews the online dynasty feature of NCAA Football 09 continues to be a central topic of discussion. With most of the previews touching on the same things below are two that are worth checking out.

NCAA Strategies has posted up an interview with NCAA Football 09 producer Ben Haumiller. This was recorded on the night of the cover reveal event. It mainly covers the online dynasty feature but does briefly delve into other areas of the game. There were also some follow-up questions/responses after. You can find both the podcast and Q&A here.

Gamespot’s preview goes into the feature at great length. It has been stated that anything done in the offline dynasties will work in the online ones. Despite that it is good to hear each one specifically such as how named rosters will transfer through. There may not be a whole lot new here but it presents a good compilation of everything that is known.

I’m curious for those of you out there looking forward to playing in an online dynasty are you more interested in having every user involved in a single conference or spread out wherever they choose to be?