NCAA Football 09 custom sounds blog

Posted May 16th, 2008 at 2:13 pm

EA Sports has posted a new producer blog for NCAA Football 09 that goes over the Custom Stadium Sounds feature. It includes some screenshots along with the discussion on how the feature works and how it is the beginning of a move towards user created content. You can read the full blog posting here.

I think the coolest thing about Custom Stadium Sounds is I have an opportunity to affect the game other than just by my actions on the field. The purists out there will gather all of their team’s marching band anthems and other songs in an effort to mirror their favorite team’s actual playlist. Some will use the feature to talk smack to their buddies while playing together.

Unfortunately there is still no mention if the sounds will play during online games, whether that be for both parties or just yourself. That should be something that is clarified soon. Remember to spend some time over at NCAA Strategies where a full resource is being created of custom sounds for use.

Update: You will hear your custom sounds in online games but your opponent will not.