Full game of NFL Head Coach 09

Posted June 21st, 2008 at 12:33 pm

NFL Head Coach 09 was a difficult game to jump into at a community event. The almost overwhelming number of options and the overall depth of the title was too much to experience in that short period of time and in that environment. My personal feeling was I would probably be SuperSimming most of the games but really get into the offseason and draft process. What’s great about Head Coach is there are several different ways you can play it. Whether it be in that manner or delegating to others in the organization and just managing the games if you wanted to, you can dictate the experience you want to have.

One thing that didn’t get shown out of the event was the process of actually coaching a game and seeing how it all comes together. Head Coach 09 designer Donny Moore has posted a video (broken into four parts) of a full game. You can watch the Patriots vs Dolphins from start to finish by continuing on and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.