Another NFL Head Coach 09 Full Game Video

Posted July 19th, 2008 at 5:53 pm

With everything around the release of NCAA Football 09 and the anticipation towards Madden, it seems as though NFL Head Coach 09 has taken a back seat. But the release of Head Coach along with Madden in the 20th Anniversary Edition is barely three weeks away. At the community event it was a difficult environment to really take in this game, which has far more to it than can be experienced in a single day. I found myself to be more interested in the off-the-field activities such as the draft, but much of that was probably due to not yet being comfortable with all the options during a game to take advantage of them.

The first video showing a full game of Head Coach featured the Dolphins and Patriots which didn’t make for much of a contest. This time around it is the Cowboys-Giants rivalry that is on display. Continue on to view the full game as broken down by quarter.