EA Sports World Top Highlight Reel

Posted August 30th, 2008 at 7:41 am

EA Sports World is starting to materialize with some unique content, one feature just began on Friday and is definitely worth checking out. Each and every week the top 10 highlights will be chosen and presented in a similar fashion to what you would get on Sportscenter along with commentary from the Thompson Brothers. The first top 10 for Madden 09 can now be found on the main page of the site with the other titles that have the video uploading feature getting top 10s of their own in the near future.

A positive development for EASW is that they have retained some of the talent that made EA Gameshow entertaining in Rob and Jason aka the Thompson Brothers and Nate Lundy. That is going to lead to features such as we’re seeing with the top highlight rundown and much more to come.

One thing that made Gameshow intriguing was the connection that was made with the community of players. It looks some of those ideals are shifting to what is being done with EASW as they’re now offering the chance to be recognized through your highlights which is pretty neat.

What are your thoughts on this week’s top 10? The #1 highlight must have been played on a low difficulty but still I wouldn’t have expected to see that.