Quick Tiger Woods 09 Online Play Thoughts

Posted September 2nd, 2008 at 7:56 pm

While I don’t yet have the 360 version of Tiger 09 I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the Wii version included the new spin to online with simultaneous play. It just seemed like a feature that would’ve gotten overlooked as some others have in previous games for the console. I got a chance to play through some and have included a video to show what it looks like. You’ll notice I haven’t been able to to grasp putting well yet but I wanted to get a demonstration up anyway.

This is a really fun way to play and I’d imagine with some friends and a headset it would be even better. Being able to play through at the same time keeps the pace brisk which is key. It never feels like it is dragging along. I really like the ball trail of your competitors as you can keep track of how they are faring at the same time. In a close fight there may seem to be a little less tension because you aren’t actually watching your opponent take their shot, but it still comes down to the pressure that is placed on yourself to make your own. I didn’t experience any sense of lag either which is encouraging. I’d definitely take this style over the much more drawn out and lackluster online play that has been standard in the past.

General consensus is that the simultaneous online play is a great addition and has added a lot to the game experience. Continue on to view a video of two holes played with the Wii online.